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Tuesday 31 August 2021
'Think Twice: Elvis in The Studio 1971': The forthcoming 'Back In Nashville' boxset is going to shine the spotlight on Elvis' 1971 sessions which have traditionally been ignored by the official label. In this fascinating and detailed article EIN contributor Shane Brown examines these all too easily dismissed Nashville sessions and discovers some real gems.
It’s very easy to look at the March, May and June 1971 recordings out of context. While the recordings are certainly not up to the standard of those from June 1970, it’s also true to say that Elvis was in a very different place personally by spring 1971.
In June 1970 Elvis was riding the crest of a wave with his recent successes but by January 1971 he was in the newspapers due to an ongoing paternity suit.
The Presley’s marriage was on the rocks and Elvis was having problems with his eyes.
However despite all of this there was something very interesting going on during the 1971 sessions.
Find out more as Shane Brown investigates these controversial 1971 Nashville Sessions....
(Spotlight; Source;ShaneBrown/EIN)

'ELVIS: The Army Years Uncovered' New Book: Trina Young has published her new book. The publicity notes.. Has the full story of Elvis Presley's military service ever been told?
... Elvis Presley served in the U.S. Army for two years and while most biographical accounts seem to quickly skim through the "army years," author Trina Young argues that this period was perhaps the most significant and life-changing time in The King of Rock and Roll's life.
Captivating untold stories have been coming out over the years involving the highs and lows Presley experienced as a soldier away from the public eye. The truth is many aspects of Presley's time in the army were never reported or never made it into the history books. Now, looking back with the benefit of hindsight and years of research, more stories and insights to Presley's life and times as a soldier are constantly emerging.

Finally, we are able to go behind the scenes in the life of the most famous U.S. army soldier of all time in ELVIS: The Army Years Uncovered. Come take a journey into the life of Private Presley, who rose to the rank of Sergeant, with the stories of many women, nightclubs, strippers, death rumors, secret concerts and fan encounters to name a few.
This biographical account by music journalist Trina Young who has been writing about Elvis for over a decade offers a behind-the-scenes look into the two years that Presley served in the military with stories ranging from the most raucous to the most warm-hearted.
Learn fascinating facts about the two years that changed Elvis Presley's life including the answers to these questions:

- Who were the German girls that Elvis dated?
- Where were the secret concerts that Elvis gave in Germany?
- What happened between Elvis and a famous German actress?
- What incited multiple death rumors while Elvis was in Germany?
- Who was Elvis dating when he met Priscilla?
- Did Elvis have more than one close call with death in Germany?
- How much danger was Elvis in during his military service?
- Who did Elvis meet at the nightclubs in Paris and Munich?
- What lifelong hobby did Elvis start in Germany?
- What special treatment did Elvis get while he served in the army?
- Who spilled the beans that Elvis and Priscilla were dating?
The book also includes an 8-page photo section and an Elvis Army Timeline.

Go here for more info and to purchase.
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Actor Ed Asner dies aged 91: Ed Asner the American actor who was best known for playing Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, died Sunday aged 91.
Ed Asner is known to Elvis fans for appearing in the 1962 movie Kid Galahad (Asner's movie debut) and again as Lt. Moretti in 'Change of Habit'.
After The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Asner had his own TV series Lou Grant (1977-82).
Asner was a consummate working actor throughout his career up until his death including the 2009 film 'Up' also 'Elf', TV mini-series Roots, and guest appearances on shows such as The Good Wife and Grace and Frankie.
On top of his acting work, Asner served as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1981 to 1985. He was an outspoken activist for labor unions and animal rights, he was also a fierce critic of the War in Iraq.
Asner was born November 15th, 1929 in Kansas City, Missouri, became interested in drama at a young age. His acting career really started after moving to L.A in the Sixties.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show ran for seven seasons, and Asner won seven Emmys over the years.
Along with his scores of television and film roles, Asner did regular voiceover work on an array of animated shows, from Batman and Spider-Man to American Dad and The Boondocks.
When interviewed about his work with Elvis, Asner stated, "Elvis was very nice to work with. During Kid Galahad his hands were bandaged and bruised because he was going through a karate stage at the time and showing the crew how he could break bricks. But Elvis always worked hard and was a delightful young man to be around. By 1969 and 'Change of Habit' he was more concentrated on being a serious actor."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

DVD ‘SOLD OUT Vol 8’: The frontcover on ‘Sold Out volume 8’ really says it all: this is a man who loves what he is doing. More than anything, Elvis was a live performer. He did his finest work in front of audiences. The fans loved him, and he knew it. Elvis needed to feel that love in order to create, especially in his later years.
That’s why ‘Sold Out’ is such an essential DVD series.
‘Sold Out’ volume 8 brings you almost three hours of unreleased concert film, including plenty of clips from 1970 – 1972, when he was performing at his peak and every show was a knockout. The great tours are represented well: November ’71, April ’72, March ’74… and much, much more. This is another deep dive into the collector vaults, and even though each release is a true ‘escape’, it’s a real pleasure to be able to bring you this rare footage. Keep supporting us and we will release some genuine surprises that will make your heads spin!
It’s always an honor for us to get the approval from those who actually worked with the man, and to hear from them that they are enjoying the series, and that watching the footage brings back a lot of memories. We are thrilled with the fact that Mr. JIM MURRAY of THE IMPERIALS wrote exclusive liner-notes for this new release, in which he looks back on his friendship with Elvis and also describes beautifully what made Elvis so special, both as a man and as a performer. As many of you know, Murray worked extensively together with Elvis and he can be seen in the ‘Elvis: That’s The Way It Is’ film from 1970.
Packaged in a beautiful digipack with relevant notes and photos, ‘Sold Out volume 8’ is a true must-have for the serious collector. Order your copy today... Volume 9 coming soon!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Collected Work Part 1 Feb 70' New Import: Elvis' first live LP "Elvis In Person" reached the gold status in less than two months after its release. No wonder RCA decided to record another live album early 1970. This resulted in the "Elvis On Stage" LP featuring live performances from February 1970 in Las Vegas. The whole project as produced by Felton Jarvis contained slight overdubs and applause.
The recordings presented here are mostly undubbed or they are presented in unique mixes. Most of the tracks are sourced from near mint acetates containing those unique mixes.
The original "Elvis On Stage" LP only reached the gold status eight months after its release. Also presented in this box set are two complete AUDIENCE recorded midnight performances after the RCA crew left the building.
EIN Note: All previously released bootleg material with two average sounding audience recordings. Feb 21 previously on 'Let It Be Me', Feb 22 on 'Kentucky Rain'. More proof that the bootleg barrel is empty. Buyer Beware.
see 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist
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Saturday 28 August 2021

New MRS VINYL Review: What Elvis playlist do you listen to on August 16th ever year? Mine is always some recent new VINYL.
There is something so tactile and visual about VINYL that not only does it feel more "genuine" but it also reminds me of when Elvis was alive and everything we listened to was on vinyl.
This year 2021 - while in CV19 lockdown - my most recently acquired vinyl were the three recent MRS VINYL releases and what fine and innovative albums they are.
- 'Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – August 1969' - Single album.
- 'Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – January Thru February 1970' - Double album.
- 'Elvis Summer Festival 1970 - The Rehearsals' - Triple album.
Featuring three concerts of Elvis at the height of his Las Vegas return-to-splendour power, plus a triple album of Elvis' TTWII rehearsals, all packaged as stunning vinyl releases - these were certainly a neat way of celebrating Elvis Week.

EIN's Piers Beagley spins the discs and checks them out.
(Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

New glut of Wikipedia/Internet sourced books: Several years ago more than 50 cheap Elvis book titles were published and available from Amazon and B&N (see EIN article: Exposing the Amazon Elvis Rip-Off?).
Each title was based on publicly available information on Wikipedia and the Internet generally.
After a quiet period it appears a new group of books have been released with similar content. Most in both softcover and ebook (Kindle/Nook) format.
Bizarrely, the Kindle editions are listed with a different author name!
Unlike the earlier Internet sourced books, the new releases are at least much better written.
 The titles are:
    The Day The Beatles Met Elvis Presley: Ultimate Classic Rock (Kathleen McMurdo)
    When The Beatles Met Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Biography (Michael Duensing) (softcover)
    When The Beatles Met Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Biography (Drucilla Dreibelbis) (Kindle)
    Elvis and The Beatles: What They Thought Of Each Other (Anderson Cowder) (softcover)
    Elvis and The Beatles: What They Thought Of Each Other (Aplpha Weisberger) (Kindle)
    Elvis and Me: The True Story (Tamie Hoffhines)
    Elvis Memories: The Real Elvis Presley (Cristal Krivonec) (softcover)
    Elvis Memories: The Real Elvis Presley (Dallas Makarewicz) (Kindle)
    Elvis Presley: Songs, Death & Daughter, Vaughn Maturi (softcover) - features cover image which is not Elvis
    Elvis Presley: Songs, Death & Daughter, Ray Bequillard (Kindle) - features cover image which is not Elvis

Each book is priced under US$15.00.

The three Elvis-Beatles books all contain 251 pages AND the content in each is the same!
Similarly, the other three titles contain 132 pages and their content is the same.
The Elvis-Beatles books are a reissue of the Trina Young 2018 release, 'Elvis And The Beatles: Love And Rivalry Between The  Two Biggest Acts Of The 20th Century'.
EIN’s capsule review in 2018 was that the book is well written and features a significant amount of interesting material, for example:

When Elvis was receiving criticism in 1956, [Sophie] Tucker came to his defense saying, “I hear he’s a real nice boy. Some people may not like his style and may not listen again, but they should hear him once and make up their own minds.”
Sophie Tucker sent Christmas cards to Elvis, and Elvis and The Colonel reciprocated. In addition, The Colonel sent several telegrams wishing her well on upcoming performances.

The non Beatles titles are a compilation of recollections by those who knew or worked with Elvis, including Bob Neal, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Boots Randolph, Cliff Richard, and Brenda Lee.

The books are currently listed on several Amazon sites including Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Australia.
As EIN always states 'Buyer Beware' - always do some research before purchasing.
(News, Source: EIN/Amazon)

. .

Rockhurst ELVIS Auction Results: In some stunning Rockhurst Elvis auction results a 1954 14" handpainted, cardboard ceiling hanger to promote the release of Elvis' "SUN #209" sold for $63,250. The estimate was $3,000 - $5,000.
It was offered as the very first advertisement for an Elvis Presley record.
Lot 11 1954 Elvis Presley Ceiling Hanger Advertisement from “Poplar Tunes” Memphis Record Store for His FIRST Sun Record “That's All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky”
An incredible price for a hand painted cardboard prop!

Other sales included
- Elvis Presley Owned Neostyle Nautic "TCB" Sunglasses - Gifted to Friend Kathie "Kitten" Spehar in His Suite at The Las Vegas Hilton
 sold for $37,375 (Estimate $50,000 - $75,000)
- Elvis Presley Owned and Played 1970 Hagstrom Viking V-1 Electric Guitar Purchased for Concert Use - Given to Charlie Hodge
sold for $31,625 (Est: $50,000 - $75,000)

- Elvis Presley Owned 22-Diamond and Gold Ring Gifted to J.D. Sumner - Former Mike Moon Collection - with LOA from Graceland Authenticated
sold for $20,700 (Est $20,000 - $25,000)

- Rare Complete Set of Five Elvis Presley’s Sun 78 RPM 10-Inch Records – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated
The records present in GD+ condition overall, with moderate to heavy scuffing and many scratches.
Sold for $3,450 (Est: $3,000 - $5,000)

- Elvis Presley's Kenpo Karate 7th Degree Black Belt Gold Metal ID Card - Dated August 16, 1974 - Gifted to J.D. Sumner, Former Mike Moon Collection
Sold for $4,313 (Est: $3,000 - $5,000)

Interestingly the TCB necklace Minimum Bid: $5,000 was passed in.

Go to Rockhurst Auctions to check all the final auction prices
 Rock & Roll, Entertainment, Sports and Americana -
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

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Wednesday 25 August 2021
MRS 'Elvis September 1970' CD Sampler: "It's been a long time baby" since EIN has got hold of a promotional 'CD Sampler' for a new Elvis release.
Samplers do become real collectables, so perhaps RCA/FTD should be thinking about one for their future 'On Tour' release.
MRS however have released a very impressive new five track sampler for their  ‘Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – September 1970' which will be out on 24th September 2021.
The sampler runs 12 minutes and gives a unique insight into this previously unreleased 2nd September Las Vegas Dinner show.
The first thing of note is that the audio quality is extremely good for a soundboard.
Not only that but MRS are releasing a "digitally extracted" stereo version.
And there is no doubt at all that Elvis was up for some fun that night.
He plays with the band and teases the audience to great effect. RCA sure haven't released this show!
It sounds more like Elvis' good humour often shown in his Midnight concerts rather than the more sedate Dinner shows. - And what a stylish CD design too!
Truly a collector's delight.
EIN gives you the opportunity to check out two
tracks - please note that these are MP3 and not the true quality.
Listen > - 'Elvis talks about 'Heartbreak Hotel' - "I'm gonna leap off the stage"
Listen > - 'One Night'
You can preorder the live set via Amazon UK - and also directly via the MRS shop
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

. . . .

'Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain' For Sale: Want to buy a Elvis fan club? Have US$100,000 to spare? Described by the Omega Auction website as...  An incredible opportunity to purchase the world famous 'Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain'.
This is a very healthy and fully functioning fan club that has been operating for nearly 70 years, with a dedicated membership base of around 3000, that has been grown carefully under the stewardship of founder and current owner Todd Slaughter.
At the age of 76 and due to recent ill health Todd has now decided to take a back seat and hand over the legacy and fantastic commercial opportunity to somebody new.
With a bonanza of "Elvis" events in the pipeline including the 45th anniversary, the Tom Hanks "Elvis & The Colonel" film and the release of numerous TV documentaries, Elvis is set to be in the headlines.
This offers fantastic scope to develop and expand the online presence and fan base whilst adding to the regular social events and affinity holidays in the UK, the USA and across Europe that occur every year. The club also hosts a weekly Elvis Hour on Radio Caroline Flashback.
The fan club generates significant income via a number of channels including online shop sales of CDs, vinyl LPs, books, DVDs and membership fees.
Turnover has reached £250k+ in recent years although this has been affected over the past four years due to health issues and exacerbated by Brexit and the recent pandemic. Now, however, there has never been a better time to embrace revenue opportunities from travel, events and tactical marketing.
Included in the sale: all current stock held by the fan club valued at £37k (detailed inventory available), database/mailing list with 5,000 names, website (see here), all current social media accounts (48k fans across Facebook and Instagram), any and all office equipment currently in use at their office in Cheadle, Staffs along with 7 decades of goodwill. The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain – the global brand
Estimate: £50,000 - £100,000 Go HERE to bid - to Tuesday 14 Sep 2021
(News, Source;EPGB/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 24 August 2021
'For Vinyl Fans Only – Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe': Earlier this month, EIN published its interview with Elvis researcher, Piotr Soczynski, who has released five of 2021’s best Elvis books:
★ Elvis Army Vinyl Records 1956-1967
★ Elvis Army Vinyl Records 1968-1991
★ Elvis U.S. Demo and Acetates 1953-1965
★ Elvis U.S. Demo and Acetates 1965-1993
★ For Vinyl Fans Only - Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 1 (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary and Russia)
Piotr has two more volumes due later this year and in 2022:
★ For Vinyl Fans Only - Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 2 (Yugoslavia and Romania) (expected late 2021)
★ For Vinyl Fans Only - Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 3 (Poland and Soviet Union) (expected 2022)

The first four volumes sold out quickly, while the more recent first volume of Piotr’s Eastern Europe vinyl trilogy is selling fast.
The depth of information, glorious visuals, and strong, clean book design have resulted in fascinating “coffee table” releases which will please (amaze) both collectors and the general fan.
Piotr has kindly provided EIN with the cover images for the remaining two volumes.
Piotr can be contacted via his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/elvis.presley.from.eastern.europe
Go here for EIN's interview with Piotr Soczynski, along with some great images from the books
(News, Source;PS/ElvisInfoNet)

'Kansas City Revisited' Import REVIEW: Having recently posted an article noting that the "Elvis Bootleg Barrel is bare" how great to be disproved wrong by this new release from the Millbranch Music label.
... Two shows from Kansas City June 29, 1974, where Elvis delivered two extremely entertaining concerts of high standard.
The pairing of these two Kansas City shows alone already make a very nice package – but we would not talk about a “great” release if it was just “nice to have”, so we decided to make it kind of “perfect” and added a third disc and that is a DVD!

This set will take a while to arrive in Australia but EIN's good friend Kees Mouwen has posted a very detailed and positive review on his website. Kees review includes...
... More than the two CDs, the DVD was the highlight of this set. It really made the concerts come alive. The DVD features a new HD transfer - it isn't sourced from the 'From Kansas City To Sin City' set - and it looks excellent for this kind of material on the big TV screen.
It features a documentary on Elvis June 1974 tour with facts, interviews, news - and candid footage and of course, Rex Martin's 8mm footage of the Kansas City June 29, 1974 Afternoon and Evening Shows, carefully synced with the soundboard audio creating a real concert experience.
The concert-footage comes in great quality, both video and audio. The Evening Show is filmed from "close by" so you really see the expression on Elvis' face.
Other footage includes Philadelphia (June 23 1974 Evening Show) and Kansas City (November 15, 1971 and June 18, 1977 Evening Shows).
Verdict: This really is a great and very complete set. Not only does it bring a previously unreleased soundboard of an entertaining concert, it also gives us a new and pretty complete concert experience. All housed in a pretty package.
With bootleg labels struggling to come up with something new and interesting, the Millbranch Music label unexpectedly delivered the goods. Don't hesitate to add this to your collection.

GO HERE to Elvis DayByDay for this great review
And see 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist
(News, Source;ElvisDayByDay/ElvisInfoNet)

Rockhurst ELVIS Auction: Rockhurst is holding another "Entertainment and Sports Auction" August 26 and bidding has started!
Once again there is lots of Elvis memorabilia and lots of very cool artifacts including clothing, jewellery.
Featuring over 100 lots from the life and career of Elvis Presley.
- Elvis Presley Owned Neostyle Nautic "TCB" Sunglasses , Gifted to Friend in His Vegas Suite - Current Bid: $27,500 - Estimate: $50,000 - $75,000
- Elvis Presley Owned and Played 1970 Hagstrom Viking V-1 Electric Guitar - Current Bid: $25,000 - Est: $50,000 - $75,000
- Elvis Presley Owned 14K Gold Diamond and Black Star Sapphire Ring Given to Sheila Ryan - Estimate: $15,000 - $20,000
- Elvis Presley "TCB" Necklace Gifted to the Family Member of a Close Associate  - Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000
-  1954 Elvis Presley Ceiling Hanger Ad from Poplar Tunes" Memphis Record Store for His FIRST Sun 45 RPM Record "That's All Right" - Current Bid: $6,500 Est: $3,000 - $5,000
Go to Rockhurst Auctions to bid and see what's for sale
 Rock & Roll, Entertainment, Sports and Americana - August 26 7:30pm
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

. . . .

Monday 23 August 2021
Don Everly dies aged 84: Don Everly, who with his brother Phil became 'The Everly Brothers' and the most revered vocal duo of the rock-music era, has died at the age of 84, at his Nashville home.
A family spokesperson confirmed his death in a statement, without revealing the cause.
In one of life's major mysteries this leaves Jerry Lee Lewis as rock'n'roll's "last Man Standing".
Don Everly's death comes seven years after the death of Phil Everly who died in 2014, aged 74.
In 1986, they were one of the first acts to be elected to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, and received a lifetime achievement award at the Grammys in 1997. (Don, left in photo)
You could argue that while Elvis Presley was the king of rock`n'roll, Phil and Don Everly were its troubled princes. They sang dark songs hidden behind deceptively pleasing harmonies and were perfect interpreters of the twitchy hearts of millions of baby boomer teens coming of age in the 1950s and `60s looking to express themselves beyond the simple platitudes of the pop music of the day.
During the height of their popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Everly Brothers had nearly three dozen hits on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, among them “Cathy’s Clown,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “Bye Bye Love,” “When Will I Be Loved” and “All I Have to Do Is Dream.”
It was when the Everly Brothers were taken up by the Cadence record label that their careers began to take off. In 1957 they recorded Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s 'Bye Bye Love' on which Phil and Don played guitars alongside Chet Atkins. The song was an immediate hit, and established the brothers as the first successful pop act to come out of Nashville. They followed this success in the same year with 'Wake Up Little Susie', 'All I Have

to Do Is Dream' and 'Devoted to You' and by were one of the most famous pop acts worldwide along with Elvis, Pat Boone and Ricky Nelson.
After the release of 'Let It Be Me' in 1959, the Everlys moved to Warner Bros Records. 'Cathy’s Clown' remained at No 1 in America for five weeks in 1960 selling more than eight million copies worldwide.
Elvis was well-aware of the delight of the close harmonies of The Everly Brothers recordings. When he arrived at Nashville's RCA StudioB on March 20th 1960 for his 'Elvis Is Back!' sessions, just 2 days earlier Elvis' new studio band (Nashville’s outstanding 'A Team') had just worked with The Everlys recording their #1 pop classic 'Cathy's Clown’.
In his personal record collection Elvis owned the Everly's 'All I Have To Do Is Dream', 'That'll Be the Day' and the 1967 single 'Bowling Green' if not more.
In 1970 Elvis recorded his own version of their magnificent 'Let It Be Me' for his 'On-Stage' album - while the Everly's key composers Felice and Boudleaux Bryant also wrote 'How's The World Treating You' and 'She Wears My Ring' which Elvis would also record. 
Coincidentally in the fifties Elvis also dated Hollywood starlet Venetia Stevenson (photo right) who would later marry Don Everly in 1962.
The Everly Brothers were admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and in 1997 received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Happy Birthday James Burton: It was only a few days ago that TCB guitar legend James Burton was regaling Elvis fans at Elvis Week with his still-cutting, chickin-pickin', guitar riffs.

His stunning guitar solos on 'Funny How Time Slips Away' (Nashville Marathon 50th Anniv concert)  along with the brilliant 'Steamroller Blues' (Elvis In Concert) were highlights of the Elvis Week 2021 concerts.

Incredibly this musical legend celebrated his 82nd Birthday last Saturday, August 21st.

Back in 2003, nearly 20 years ago, EIN's Piers Beagley coincidentally called James Burton up for an Interview - again on his birthday.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMES" as Elvis would sing!

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

James Burton opens up to EIN: The TCB Band ventured downunder for a successful string of shows in December 2003.

Before their visit to the sunny shores of Australia, guitar maestro James Burton chewed the fat with EIN's Piers Beagley.

He talked about his times with Elvis, early days motor-cycling with Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent and much more.

Go here to find out more..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformation Network)

Friday 20 August 2021
Don't miss out on one of EIN's most-viewed and controversial interviews of all-time - Mike Stone tells all.

EIN Interview with Mike Stone: Mike Stone has had a long and successful career in athletics, in the entertainment business, as an author, sports instructor, bodyguard and personal fitness trainer.
Mike Stone was also a key figure in the emotional roller-coaster that described Elvis and Priscilla Presley's lives in the seventies.
In this exclusive EIN interview Priscilla's ex-partner, karate champion and author talks about his amazing life, including...
- Meeting Elvis and Priscilla
- Hawaii, Elvis and Karate
- Being Phil Spector's bodyguard
- Sitting next to John Lennon recording
- Priscilla and karate
- Fans blaming him for Elvis' marriage split-up
- Elvis putting a "Hit" out on him
- Finding peace in the Philippines
- His new autobiography

EIN was delighted to be able to finally talk with the man and find out more. EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis: Day By Day 2018' OUT NOW: The book 'Elvis: Day By Day 2018' from author Kees Mouwen is out now from  Poplar Tunes Publishing.
It is the third volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series and covers 'Everything Elvis Presley from 2018' on over 300 pages including 40+ in-depth reviews, interviews and articles.

The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley, Rogier van Luyken and Andreas Pendl plus other fans from around the world.
The book comes in two editions, softcover and hardback.

The softcover version of the book is available from multiple Amazon sites.

The hardback version can be ordered from 'Blurb.com' here.

Signed editions can also be published from the author

Photo right shows Kees Mouwen presenting the very first copy to his daughter outside the Danish Memphis Mansion

Go HERE to ElvisDaybyDay for all the order information - as well as preview pages



(News, Source;EDbyD/ElvisInfoNet)

'Hound Dog' New Animation: A cool treat to start your Elvis weekend .
FredeStudio have posted a new animation of Elvis performing Hound Dog.

They did a similar animation last year with 'My Baby Left Me'.

This time it portrays the last song recorded live from Elvis in the year December 1956.

Animator Fred Wladimir noted that he works alone in my small studio and each animation requires thousands of drawings.

three minutes of fun -
Check it out on YouTube here

(News, Source;FS/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Sings Double Trouble' New Import: The Gold Standard label presents 'Elvis Sings Double Trouble and Other Great Songs'.
A new cd from our movie series. Including all the masters for the movie in great Binaural sound, some alternate versions, demo versions (Incl. an alternate title song and 2 unused songs), movie versions (incl. the more than 3 minutes movie version of 'I Love Only One Girl' with lots of overdubs especially done for the movie), a radio spot and as a bonus a rare acetate recording of 'There's So Much World To See'.
A great addition to the official releases with all known "alternate" recordings collected on one great cd!
As all releases from the Gold Standard label this is a very limited edition release.
EIN Note: This CD contains four versions of Elvis singing 'Old MacDonald'. Did we not say that the bootleg barrel was near empty?
See 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Please Release Me - And Other Great Songs!' New Import CD: Paradise Road Records presents ' Elvis Sings Please Release Me - And Other Great Songs!' at the International Hotel, Las Vegas,
Yet another AUDIENCE recording re-release.
A new album with the great August 24, 1970 midnight show and a part of the pre-show of the August 12, 1970 midnight show with 'A Thing Called Love' by The Imperials.
The August 24 midnight show is an audience recording (in very good sound) not to be missed with Elvis in great mood singing parts of 'Ave Maria' and 'Spanish Eyes', a great version of 'When The Snow Is On The Roses'  (with 3 false starts), the medley 'Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On' and a great show ending when Elvis singing 'Release Me' after the first notes of 'Can't Help Falling In Love'.
The pre-show tracks by The Imperials is a nice addition taken from the MGM tapes.
Including a booklet with photos and recording information.
EIN Notes: Previously available as 'The Hillbilly Cat Returns' in pretty average sound quality. Buyer Beware.
See 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'From Sioux falls To Atlanta' New Bootleg box-set: Recently announced is a compilation of five Elvis 1976 concerts - with four copied off the FTD label, yes, really!
"Coming out soon is a 5 CD set in a very limited box of only 300 copies.
All the tracks are in glorious mono."
EIN Notes; As expected the selling point is the two concerts copied from the expensive FTD release 'Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis'.
There are another two also copied from FTD'West Coast Tour'. Did EIN recently say that the Bootleg Barrel was near empty! 

CD 1: October 18, 1976, Sioux Falls, SD - (FTD 'Bruce Jackson' copy)
CD 2: October 28, 1976, San Francisco, CA - (Copied from Audionics 'San Francisco Bay Blues' and it was NOVEMBER 28 not October!)
CD 3: November 29, 1976, San Francisco CA - (Copied from FTD 'The West Coast Tour 76')
CD 4: November 30, 1976 Anaheim, CA - (Copied from FTD 'The West Coast Tour 76')
CD 5: December 30, 1976, Atlanta, GA -  (FTD 'Bruce Jackson' copy)

(News, Source;Bootleg/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 18 August 2021

EIN Interview with Mike Stone: Mike Stone has had a long and successful career in athletics, in the entertainment business, as an author, sports instructor, bodyguard and personal fitness trainer.
Mike Stone was also a key figure in the emotional roller-coaster that described Elvis and Priscilla Presley's lives in the seventies.
In this exclusive EIN interview Priscilla's ex-partner, karate champion and author talks about his amazing life, including...
- Meeting Elvis and Priscilla
- Hawaii, Elvis and Karate
- Being Phil Spector's bodyguard
- Sitting next to John Lennon recording
- Priscilla and karate
- Fans blaming him for Elvis' marriage split-up
- Elvis putting a "Hit" out on him
- Finding peace in the Philippines
- His new autobiography

EIN was delighted to be able to finally talk with the man and find out more. EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions..

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Elvis Fans Return to Graceland!: The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that.. Elvis fans returned in droves to remember and honor the King during Elvis Week 2021
If the number of fans were not as many as in years past it was due to the large international fan contingent being mostly absent, due to pandemic travel restrictions.
However Alicia Dean, from EPE marketing noted that "Elvis Week 2021 showed that things are progressing and picking up. EPE estimate that about 5,000 people attended the Candlelight Vigil on Sunday night".
Priscilla Presley talked at the Candlelight Vigil explaining that "Elvis was connected always with his fans. Elvis' absence is still hard for me to believe even 44 years after Elvis' passing.
Elvis was one of a kind, he really was. When he walked into a room, it was like, whoa, what just blew in?"

EPE CEO Jack Soden  addressed the crowds noting, "This is a great show of devotion and caring and inspiration. This is different than anything I think we've ever experienced and given the (CV19) circumstances in the world, it couldn't be more special."
The wide boulevard was crowded with fans, most of whom were bedecked in various forms of Elvis heraldry and many of whom constructed Elvis shrines or created Elvis art in the street.
Many sat in the street in folding chairs they had brought to Graceland, and some rode scooters with tiki torches attached like hood ornaments to the front of the vehicles. Perhaps a third of the fans wore face masks, which Graceland encouraged but did not require.
Revving up the crowd before the vigil, 'DJ Argo' a longtime host on the Sirius Elvis Radio said that Elvis Week demonstrated that "people from all over with different beliefs and different backgrounds can come together in the commonality of Elvis. The world can learn a lot from Elvis fans."
Fans were moved by the celebrations of the importance of Elvis' all-too-short life.
"It's been like a religious experience for me, I'm not kidding,"
said Angela Kees a first-time vigil attendee. "It has totally changed me. I was a fan before, but being here, just seeing the way he affects people, even after his death, has really made an impact. We've made friendships with people that I'm sure will last." - Go here to the MCA for the full story
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16 August 2021- 44 years ago today the world lost the greatest entertainer of all time.
"Elvis was God-given, there’s no other explanation. A Messiah comes around every few thousand years, and Elvis was it this time.” - Little Richard
“I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun Studios. Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent. He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra’s. I was a tremendous fan and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.- B.B. King

ELVIS Forever 2021: Four decades after his death, Elvis Presley still reigns unchallenged as the King of rock 'n' roll, the greatest superstar the world has ever known.
All the tabloid media reports and old rumours can't change the fact that there never was anyone like him and there never will be an other again.
Elvis was the most extraordinary ordinary man.
Joe Esposito would be with Elvis to the very end...
EIN looks at Joe Esposito's final memories and ELVIS Forever, forty-four years on.

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“Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn’t been an Elvis, there wouldn’t have been a Beatles” - John Lennon

"It was like Elvis came along and whispered some dream in everybody's ear, and somehow we all dreamed it."
- Bruce Springsteen

"When I first heard Elvis' voice, I just knew that I wasn't going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail."
- Bob Dylan

"Elvis Presley's death deprives our country of a part of itself. He was unique, irreplaceable."
- President Jimmy Carter

Watch Candlelight Vigil REPLAY: Tonight the world honours the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and observe the annual Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on August 15.
The annual Candlelight Vigil and to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
The ceremony for the 43rd anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.
You can now watch the vigil replay anytime

WATCH REPLAY via LiveStream

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Priscilla addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for being so devoted to Elvis.
The Elvis Country Fan Club selected 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' as this year's theme song. Disappointingly they then played the RPO "remix' version and not Elvis' original! 

Sunday 15 August 2021 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2021 - - - -

Watch Candlelight Vigil Live NOW: Tonight the world honours the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and observe the annual Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on August 15.
The annual Candlelight Vigil and to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
The ceremony for the 43rd anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.
You can watch the vigil live from Graceland starting at 8.30pm. CT USA = 1.30am GMT on Livestream. 11.30am Sydney time

Go HERE WATCH via LiveStream

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(Interview) Piotr Soczynski talks to EIN: While serious collectors will be familiar with Piotr Soczynski’s phenomenal work in documenting little known parts of the Elvis recording catalog, most fans will not. This is a great pity, as Piotr, who lives in Poland, has already published five of the best Elvis books in 2021, with two more volumes due later this year and in 2022. These books are:
Elvis Army Vinyl Records 1956-1967
★ Elvis Army Vinyl Records 1968-1991
★ Elvis U.S. Demo and Acetates 1953-1965
★ Elvis U.S. Demo and Acetates 1965-1993

Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 1
Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 2 (late 2021)
Vinyl Discography from Eastern Europe, Part 3 (expected 2022)
The first four volumes sold out quickly earlier this year, while the more recent first volume of Piotr’s Eastern Europe vinyl trilogy is selling fast. The depth of information, glorious visuals, and strong, clean book design have resulted in fascinating “coffee table” releases which will please (amaze) both collectors and the general fan. Piotr recently took time out to discuss Elvis in Poland and his series of books which are an important narrative-visual record of little understood Elvis vinyl releases.
Read Piotr’s full interview with Nigel Patterson and marvel at some great page visuals from the various volumes
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'Elvis: Back In Nashville' Vinyl tracklist: RCA/Legacy Recordings will release Elvis: Back In Nashville, the definitive presentation of Presley's May-June 1971 Nashville studio sessions on Friday, November 12.
The 4 CD collection presents 82 pristine Studio original recordings, free of overdubs.
Graceland is also offering an exclusive 2LP 12" color vinyl collectors pressing of 'Elvis: Back In Nashville'.
A standard 2LP 12" vinyl version of the album will also be available.
The vinyl tracklist features the best selection of outtakes and remixed original recordings
Elvis: Back In Nashville Graceland 2LP 12" vinyl edition is available for pre-order from EPE here. US$24.98

Go HERE to 'Elvis FTD / SONY News 2021' for the tracklist
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Saturday 14 August 2021 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2021 - - - -
'Selling Elvis in 2021' EIN Spotlight: One of the most common questions asked of EIN is "how do I sell my Elvis records?"
Sadly, the market for Elvis’ recorded material is a shadow of what it was in the decade following his death. The exceptions are high quality original Sun Studio singles and various obscure releases such as test pressings, demos and acetates.
The best time of the year to sell anything ELVIS related is, of course, now around "Elvis Week" in August.
In 2021, demand for Elvis records generally continues to diminish as the sheer volume of Elvis records pressed means most collectors already have what they want, older fans are passing away, and younger fans are not as interested in physical records.
Highlighting the situation, a recent edition of the excellent Vintage Rock magazine featured a fascinating article discussing how the market for 50s vinyl has dipped and which artists and recordings are maintaining buyer interest.
Go here as EIN's Nigel Patterson puts a spotlight on the declining vinyl market
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Bad Nauheim Elvis Statue unveiled: The German town of Bad Nauheim has finally unveiled the bronze statue of its most famous resident Elvis Presley.
Even years after the Rock 'N' Roll star's death, fans in Germany still can't help falling in love with "The King."
After years of planning and fundraising, two Elvis fans saw their dream realized on Friday. Elvis lived in the town, some 30 kilometers north of Frankfurt, while stationed as a US soldier from October 1958 to March 1960.
The statue pose was based on a photo taken in 1959 that shows Elvis, in army uniform, leaning on the rails of a footbridge in the town. The artwork stands on the same bridge, in the same position. Bad Nauheim already includes many markers and memorials to the late rock star, even a square named after him.
The unveiling comes as the town celebrates its European Elvis Festival, which also includes concerts and guided tours.
Hardcore fans of the music legend regularly visit Bad Nauheim, where local authorities have preserved many of the sites that date back to his time there.
Two Elvis fans, Angela Storm and Meike Berger, came up with a plan to erect a statue in Presely's honor back in 2018. They went on to raise their own funding for the project.
The town of Friedberg, where Elvis served while in the US army, changed its street crossing lights to reflect his signature moves. It also has a statue of "The King."
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Elvis M.S.G Eyelet Jumpsuit For Auction: Elvis Presley's stage-worn Madison Square Garden Eyelet Jumpsuit is for sale at GWS Auctions on September 4.
Described as... This iconic studded jumpsuit is a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of Elvis Presley, and a monumental part of the superstar's first live concerts in New York since he began his career in the 1950s. This jumpsuit was worn by Elvis during his 1972 engagement at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a series of four performances which took place from June 9th to 11th.
It is said that the fact that Elvis had not been well received in the Big Apple during his early career caused some worry between his team, however these worries were unfounded, as the series turned out to be extremely successful and Elvis became the first person to sell out four consecutive shows at the venue.
This jumpsuit comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Elvis Presley museum signed by Jimmy Velvet, which states in part, "Elvis Presley's Stage Jumpsuit, worn at the Madison Square Garden Concert".
This jumpsuit was previously sold at auction in 1995 and has not been offered to the public since.
There is arguably nothing more synonymous with Elvis than his famous jumpsuits, and very few become available on the open market.

Bidding now at $350,000.00
Go here to GWS to put in your bid!


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'Kansas City Revisited' Import OUT NOW: The Millbranch Music label announces, a great 3-Disc Digipack release for every serious collector!
Introducing our first “Soundboard” release on the “MM” label here are two performances by Elvis and his exciting group of musicians (Afternoon and Evening show from the same day) at his fabulous early Summer 1974 Tour. Kansas City was the place to go on June 29, 1974, because Elvis was willing to deliver two extremely entertaining shows of high standard – and he did!
The evening show of this day has been released a couple of times already, but never before in such great sound quality. The afternoon show from the same day is NOT released yet in any form. Until now……..
We believe that the pairing of these two Kansas City shows alone already make a very nice package – but we would not talk about a “great” release if it was just “nice to have”, so we decided to make it kind of “perfect” and added a third disc and that is a DVD!
You will have the best possible visual accompaniment for the two shows of June 29, 74 – perfectly synched.

EIN Note: We and other collectors were stunned by this announcement. It will be interesting to see if it is as good as promised - See 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist
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Friday 13 August 2021 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2021 - - - -
‘Elvis: Back In Nashville’ Out Friday Nov 12: The official RCA/SONY announcement..
RCA/Legacy Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s Final Nashville Sessions with release of 'Elvis: Back In Nashville' on Friday, November 12
The 4 Disc Collection presents 82 pristine Studio Original Recordings, free of overdubs.
Like its predecessor 'From Elvis In Nashville' from last year, 'Elvis: Back In Nashville' is designed to showcase Elvis Presley and his core band as they sounded during the actual sessions without orchestral overdubs and vocal accompaniment. A key difference between Elvis’ 1970 and 1971 Nashville sessions is that many of the 1971 recordings included backing singers; therefore, Elvis: Back In Nashville offers a variety of song performances both with and without vocal augmentation.
Given the prolific output of great recordings created by Elvis during the fabled 1970 marathon sessions that may be heard on From Elvis In Nashville, RCA and the Elvis camp decided to stick with the winning combination of tight band, seasoned studio, well-chosen repertoire and relaxed spontaneous Elvis behind the microphone and record as much material as possible over a short period of time.
With Elvis’ upcoming concert activities increasing, future studio time would be limited and so the goal of these sessions was to generate perhaps a year’s worth of new songs. RCA and the Colonel let Elvis know they’d like a new Christmas album, a gospel album, a pop album, and “several new singles for summer and fall releases” and so, Elvis’ music coordinator/producer Felton Jarvis booked a whole week of all-night sessions starting March 15, 1971 and brought on the same band he’d used the year before.
Elvis Presley’s return in 1970 to recording in Nashville had been revelatory. Those sessions, on the heels of his Memphis recordings and a return to the stage, had done more than simply sustain a comeback. They also introduced Elvis to a great new rhythm section and gifted Elvis with a great new sound. Bassist Norbert Putnam, drummer Jerry Carrigan, and pianist David Briggs had helped transform country music rhythms in the sixties after they transplanted their R&B-indebted style from F. A. M. E. studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to Nashville session work. When producer Felton Jarvis teamed Elvis with the Muscle Shoals boys, along with session guitarist Chip Young, jack of all musical trades Charlie McCoy, and Presley’s bandleader James Burton, they together created the belatedly acclaimed Elvis Country in the process providing Elvis with a country-soul template he’d trace often in the last years of his life.
Music critic Dave Marsh once wrote that, even with his acclaim, “Elvis Presley was probably the most underrated singer of all.” Overdubs removed, what’s revealed on Elvis: Back In Nashville is some of the most compelling singing of Presley’s career.
Disc 1 features 18 tracks and includes The Country/Folk Sides (an unrealized Elvis project featuring songs by Ewan McColl, Gordon Lightfoot, Kris Kristofferson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Bob Dylan), The Piano Recordings (raw Elvis singing Ivory Joe Hunter with piano accompaniment) and The Pop Sides (classic pop compositions including “Padre,” “Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread,” “My Way,” “I’m Leavin'” and more).
Disc 2 features 25 tracks divided between The Religious Sides (classic and contemporary gospel) and The Christmas Sides (sacred and secular seasonal holiday music).
Disc 3 features 19 tracks and picks up on the country pop repertoire adding some rock ‘n’ roll with a variety of cuts including impromptu performances of “Johnny B. Goode” and “Lady Madonna,” an epic take on Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, (It’s Alright)”, fresh interpretations of “Help Me Make It Through The Night,” “Early Morning Rain” and more.
Disc 4 features 20 tracks and includes The Religious Outtakes and The Christmas Outtakes
(News, Source;RCA/ElvisInfoNet)

'I'm Leavin'' Take 1 - Promo New Mix: Don't miss out on this first official audio promo for the new 'Elvis: Back In Nashville' deluxe set.

Engineer Matt Ross Spang brings out the delightful ambience of Elvis and the band as they rehearse and then try out the exquisite June 1971 single 'I'm Leavin''

The song made #23 in the UK charts but only #36 in the US.


Hopefully the rest of the sessions glow in this golden light!


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'Elvis Back In Nashville' "Live Unboxing" Replay: If you are interested in what RCA/Legacy has in store for us in the new 'Elvis Back In Nashville' box set then don't miss out on this special live unboxing event from Graceland.
Host Tom Brown and mixing engineer Matt Ross-Spang discuss the new Elvis Back In Nashville collection and perform a live unboxing of the CD and LP packages in front of an attending audience.
Matt Ross-Spang's excitement of hearing Elvis' complete session tapes is palpable and his joy and love of Elvis' creativity - even in 1971 - is a delight.
You know that he will bring out the best of the recordings as he explains what went in to the creation of this new set.
Go here to watch the YOUTUBE replay

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Patrick Dunn wins Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist 2021: In other news.. EPE sends Congratulations to 2021 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winner Patrick Dunn!
Dunn receives a cash prize of $20,000, a championship belt - and will open the Ultimate Return concert at the Soundstage at Graceland on Saturday, August 14 for Elvis Week 2021.
Patrick, from New York City, New York, is an actor, vocalist, Broadway star and Elvis fan, and has been entertaining people for most of his life. He discovered Elvis as a child, but as a teen is when he realized Elvis’ major impact on the world. Patrick volunteers his time and talents to “Broadway World,” an organization that raises money for many different charities.
Congratulations to second place winner Michael Chambliss and third place winner Cote Deonath, and top five finalists Ted Torres and Al Joslin.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 11 August 2021 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2021 Starts Today - - - -

'Elvis Back In Nashville' New Release: The secret of the "Special Listening Session and Live Unboxing Taping" event at Elvis Week is revealed to be the new 50th Anniversary set of Elvis' 1971 RCA Nashville sessions.

Following on from last year's critically successful 'From Elvis In Nashville' deluxe set, SONY / RCA is releasing a 4 CD deluxe set 'Elvis Back In Nashville' as well as the 2 LP vinyl companion.

The set features 82 tracks, two sides of session 'masters' plus two cds of Outtakes.
The CDs are themed
CD.1 - The Country / Folk Sides / Piano Recordings / Pop Sides
CD.2 - The Religious Sides & The Christmas Sides
CD.3 - Session Outtakes
CD.4 - The Religious & Christmas Outtakes

EIN presumes the set will be remixed by Matt Ross Spang is a similar way to last year's Nashville set to help bring out the creative nature of the session.
No official SONY announcement as yet - although the tracklist has been posted.

Highlights will be... I’m Leavin’, It’s Only Love, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Early Mornin' Rain, Help Me Make It Through The Night, Until It’s Time For You To Go, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right and others

The "Live Unboxing" will be streamed on YouTube - Go HERE and set a reminder!

Go HERE to 'Elvis FTD / SONY News 2021' for the tracklist

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'ELVIS WEEK 2021': Elvis Week returns to its grand stage at Graceland today, bringing back traditional events adored by Presley's biggest fans.
The annual celebration of Elvis Presley's life runs from August 11th to 17th.
The 2020 celebration saw a much more scaled-down version of Elvis Week due to the pandemic. The 2021 event returns it to near normal, to the delight of Elvis' biggest fans. Over the course of seven days, Elvis Week will include concerts, tribute artist performances, panel discussions, and a series of unique tours.
EPE's Angie Marchese said the excitement is high for fans this year. Many fans came into town earlier than usual and many of the small tours and events have sold out.
“All of these events have gotten so much hype and people are excited that they came to town early. And they’re doing a
lot of other things besides Graceland. They’re going to Beale Street and they’re seeing other attractions here in town, so everyone is excited to be here in Memphis this week.”
While guests are strongly recommended to wear masks, they won't be required to. Graceland employees are required to mask up in indoor spaces.
Both fans said they feel safe with protocols in place as the Delta variant heightens in the Mid-South.
Virtual Elvis Week 2021 is also on offer.
This year, fans can tune into the entertainment from all over the world live while it's happening.
Marchese notes, "We felt like this year it was important that not everyone can be here in Memphis this year, especially international fans. They can participate in all of the activities, all the concerts, all the panel discussions. Everything just as if they were here in Memphis with us."
The candlelight vigil will be held on August 15th at 8:30 p.m. on the eve of the anniversary of Elvis' death.
Go HERE for EPE's Elvis Week 2021 schedule
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"Putts" Memories of Elvis' Nashville Sessions: One Elvis Week special event will feature some of the greatest players to ever back up the King. Elvis or no, any show with musicians like James Burton, David Briggs, Charlie McCoy, and Norbert Putnam on one stage would be notable, for they are some of the famed Nashville Cats, hitmakers for countless stars in their day. Naturally, that’s the crew Elvis would call on when he worked in Nashville, as he did for the legendary June 1970 “marathon sessions” plus the follow-up 1971 sessions in RCA Studio B.
This Friday fans can hear those very players recreate some of those songs live.
Luckily for us, bassist Norbert Putnam, who Elvis called “Putt,” remembers those sessions like they were yesterday.
The Memphis Flyer rang him up at his hometown of Florence, Alabama to chat: Those few sessions in 1970 were prolific. They must have proceeded at a whirlwind pace.
Norbert Putnam: I think we recorded 39 sides and they kept 35, in five nights. And they named it the marathon sessions, which makes it sound like we were struggling the whole time. But it was easy. A lot of times, Elvis would get it on the first take. He was so sharp.
He was such a quick study.
We were all trained to grab a legal pad and start writing when the demo started playing. We would have a chart, literally, in four minutes. And Elvis might play that vocal by the demo singer, sometimes four or five times. Then he’d turn around and say, “You guys have that? Well, let’s run it down.” Jerry Carrigan would count it off, and this band would play it flawlessly. Elvis would say,“‘How do you do that?!”
The only bad thing about working with Elvis was that he was nocturnal. He got up at 5 in the afternoon, had breakfast at 6. At 10pm, when he says, “Let’s record,” I had already been working for 12 hours! By 4am, it was all I could to keep my eyes open. When we did “Merry Christmas, Baby,” I was just trying to stay awake. Elvis sang it; then he starts singing it all over again, without stopping. Now I’m dying. It’s over seven minutes. He says to James Burton, “Take it, James,” and James starts playing. Two bars later, Elvis yells, “Wake up, Putt!” He’d probably been watching me with my eyes shut all the way through the song. But he continued to hire me!

The Nashville Marathon Sessions 50th Anniv Concert takes place Friday, August 13, 7 p.m., Soundstage at Graceland
Go here to MemphisFlyer for the whole interview
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'Graceland Survival Guide' : The Memphis Commercial Appeal has posted their 'Graceland Survival Guide'. Tips to help you take care of business when visiting Elvis' home.
ELVIS: Five letters, two syllables and one word that echoes eternally, or seems to if you live in Memphis.
Aug. 16, 2021, will mark the 44th anniversary of the death of the 42-year-old King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Thousands of people will be here for the preceding evening's "Candlelight Vigil" at Graceland, to pay their respects to Elvis, to join the millions who have visited the mansion since it opened for public tours on June 7, 1982.
Since that date, which arrived less than five years after Elvis' death, the home that is said to be visited by more people than any other in the U.S. with the exception of the White House. The number of attractions, including a performance venue (the Soundstage), a museum complex , hotel (The Guest House) and more, in addition to the expected eateries and souvenir shops.
The choices can be daunting. So here are some helpful hints, for novice and veteran Graceland visitors alike. Go HERE to Memphis Com Appeal
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 9 August 2021

"New" Elvis material to be showcased at Elvis Week: Graceland have just added a new "Special Listening Session and Live Unboxing Taping" event to Elvis Week.
They promise, "Be among the very first to hear previously unreleased Elvis music – and witness the live taping of a special “unboxing” video for a yet-to-be-announced Elvis Presley box set – at this very special panel. Hosted by Tom Brown and mixing engineer Matt Ross-Spang, you can be in the audience while they talk in detail about the background of the new collection and play never-before-heard music!"
The session is on Thursday, August 12. 4pm.
Guest House Theater, The Guest House at Graceland.
It is FREE - but you must reserve a ticket. (Go here to EPE to do so)
EIN Note: Studio Engineer Matt Ross-Spang has previously worked on the recent 'From Elvis in Nashville', 'The Jungle Room Sessions', 'Live 1969', and he has mentioned working on unreleased LIVE concerts which we believe would be the future 'On Tour' release.
It is possible that SONY has a follow-up 'Nashville 1971 Sessions 50th Anniversary'

compilation planned for this year or perhaps it is a teaser for next year's 'On Tour 50th Anniversary' special.
We will soon find out.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Deep Fake ELVIS!: While it is sure taking a long time for EPE Inc to create a realistic Elvis hologram to perform live in concert, the new "Deep Fake" ELVIS video creations have begun to truly surprise and amuse.

Some Elvis Deep Fakes can be truly awe inspiring.

EIN can recommend two for anyone that is interested.

1. "Elvis Roberts" on TikTok does a stunning ELVIS interview - "The Truth about Me"
GO HERE to TikTok

2. Luigi Luppo / Dean Z produce a mesmerising video of Elvis performing 'AFTER LOVING YOU'
Go HERE to You Tube.

Elvis would be stunned, "My boy, my boy".
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis 26 - Essential Sixties Splices Vol. 2' New Import CD: After the first release in this series (25) CMT is proud to present the second volume, again some  incredible  brand new, unreleased spliced takes are on this release and focusses on 1961;
Elvis was 26 when he recorded all these great tracks.
As always, expect some nice surprises, since a lot of the tracks sound very different than what has been released before.
It kicks of with an AMAZING new version of "His Latest Flame" , in the studio they tried out different tempo's, these are combined here and the opening starts of slow and turns into a great new version!
Another highlight is the new "harmony" version of "I'm Yours", where the album version is harmony all the way, this version only has parts, it sounds fresh and to our humble opinion better then the versions released so far.
Also included is a spliced take of "Can't Help Falling in Love", which uses officially unreleased takes.
We could go on and on, since every track on this album is something you have never heard, pre-order now. Limited to 500 copies.
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Long Lonely Highway Vol.2' Import CD: An 'MTP' release. Since the FTD release of the first volume more and more alternate "Studio B" tracks were released, but are not played often due to all takes on one album.
This series needs no further introduction and continues to deliver some rare and hard to find complete takes in the best available sound!
Includes, 'Fame And Fortune' Take 15, 'The Girl Of My Best Friend' Spliced Take 8,9, 'Dirty, Dirty Feeling' Take 4, 'Gently' Take 4, 'It’s Your Baby, You Rock It' Undubbed Master, 'It Ain’t No Big Thing'  Undubbed Master, and many more..
If you bought previous volumes, be sure to get this one, since it is "Meant to be played"
EIN Note: Nothing here that collectors don't already have
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 7 August 2021
New FTDs OUT NOW: The two new FTDs announced last month, a double 1974 soundboard plus 'Girls!, Girls!, Girls!' on VINYL are OUT NOW
1.“ELVIS: FORT WORTH, TEXAS ‘74”. FTD's soundboard “ELVIS: FORT WORTH, TEXAS ‘74”- June 16, 1974. is released as a 5” digipack, and taken from the original soundboard source, this 2-CD set features Elvis in excellent form from the summer tour of 1974.
Elvis was in great form at the two shows on Father’s Day! Songs include “Big Boss Man”, “Funny How Time Slips Away”, “How Great Thou Art” and “Help Me”.
These two performances have never been released on Soundboard before.
While the setlists were very similar Elvis did perform the rare-for-on-tour-1974 'How Great Thou Art' at the evening show.
EIN Adds: Elvis performed four shows at the 14,000 seater Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth Texas. These were the first four shows of Elvis' Tour #11 so he was ready to rock.
The Opening Show newspaper review included,
"Elvis put on one sharp, uptown and professional show here Saturday afternoon. Wrapped skintight or loosely white bellbottoms and waist-length jacket. Elvis had the show in the palm of his hand.
He moved smoothly through a few Elvis oldies and wheeled into heavier stuff ...'Why Me Lord' and 'Suspicious Minds'.
Elvis was relaxed, comfortable before an obviously warm audience. His easy rapport with backup musicians and singers buoyed the show."

FTD have previously released five shows from this tour #11 all very enjoyable listening.
Rockin' Across Texas (CD1) June 19, Sold Out! CD2 June 21, ELVIS: Omaha Nebraska '74 CD1&2 June 30 (both shows), Fashion For A King (CD1) Omaha July 1.
While the setlists were very similar Elvis did perform the rare-for-on-tour-1974 'How Great Thou Art' at the evening show.
Go to 'SONY / FTD News 2021' for tracklists
2. 'GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!' – Limited Double VINYL
FTD VINYL is please to announce the release of 'GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!' – 180 Gram Limited Double VINYL Edition.
The design is inspired by the original European RCA Victor ‘60s release.
The album contains masters and alternative versions of several songs from the soundtrack sessions.
“Plantation Rock” and “Dainty Little Moonbeams”/ ”Girls! Girls! Girls!” End Title are here in their rightful place at last!
EIN Adds: As most fans are aware most of the session reels have been lost. This means FTD have little to work with and the albums included multiple versions of 'Mama' - three tracks on Side 4 are various versions of 'Mama'!
Recorded March 26-28, 1962 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
Go to 'SONY / FTD News 2021' for tracklists
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED- The collapse of the Elvis Bootleg Empire: Has Ernst won the war?’: Back in 1999 Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon convinced BMG to let them start the FTD collectors label in order to counteract the Elvis bootleg companies which had been selling unreleased material to fans since the very first vinyl bootleg 'Please Release Me' was issued back in 1970.
Of all the bootleg labels that have come and gone the 'Madison' label was one of the very few that always produced high-quality releases and which happened to start at the same time as FTD. The designs were top-notch and with detailed sleeve notes they easily competed with the legal Elvis releases.
In 2021 ‘Madison’ have returned with the new bootleg ‘A Legendary Performer Volume 9’ but all is not what was promised. The Elvis bootleg vaults are empty and FTD appears to have won the game.
Go here as EIN’s Piers Beagley checks out the lack of new material and considers the bootleg era at an end...
And EIN wants YOUR SAY - Our article is now updated with YOUR FEEDBACK - and more...
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork) 

Priscilla's Mother has died: Anna Lillian Iversen, Priscilla's mother, died last Monday aged 95.
Priscilla posted on Instagram...
"I am heartbroken. My beautiful mother passed today.
She was the light of our lives. She never wanted any attention on herself. Her children were her everything.
May you Rest In Peace mom.
You will always be with us."

Priscilla's granddaughter Riley Keough also paid tribute
"We lost our beautiful Nana this morning. She was an incredible woman and mother".
She also posted a delightful photo of Priscilla, her great-grandmother with husband Paul Beaulieu.
Anna Iversen's death comes a year after the death of Priscilla's grandson and Riley's younger brother, Benjamin Keough, who died last July 2020 at the age of 27.
(News, Source;People/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Presley News Report August 2021: Once again Elvis super-fan Emiel Maier wraps up all the Elvis news from last month. The big news announcement being the new 'Elvis Presley Channel' expected to launch in early 2022!


Runs 12 minutes

Click HERE to YouTube well worth watching.

(News, Source;EM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Felton Jarvis - 40th Anniversary' Import CD: Felton Jarvis worked for RCA Victor and became involved in Elvis' studio sessions from 1966 onwards. In the late 1950s he also recorded songs (including 'Don't Knock Elvis'!) but Jarvis is better known as a record producer.
Unfortunately health problems caused his early death in 1981 aged only 46.
In 1980, three years after Elvis' death, Jarvis was the first producer to have the idea "refreshing" Elvis' recordings. By remaking the musicians' background, added to Elvis' original vocal track, a new version could be created. The result of this was the 1981 album "Guitar Man". This idea has been repeated multiple times since!
The Felton-Import label announces the release of the double CD "Felton Jarvis - 40th Anniversary" which includes songs by Felton Jarvis, Mac davis, James Burton, 18 tracks by Elvis, songs Jarvis helped create, interviews plus a 12-page booklet.
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;AM/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 5 August 2021
The collapse of the Elvis Bootleg Empire: Has Ernst won the war?’: Back in 1999 Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon convinced BMG to let them start the FTD collectors label in order to counteract the Elvis bootleg companies which had been selling unreleased material to fans since the very first vinyl bootleg 'Please Release Me' was issued back in 1970.
Of all the bootleg labels that have come and gone the 'Madison' label was one of the very few that always produced high-quality releases and which happened to start at the same time as FTD. The designs were top-notch and with detailed sleeve notes they easily competed with the legal Elvis releases.
In 2021 ‘Madison’ have returned with the new bootleg ‘A Legendary Performer Volume 9’ but all is not what was promised. The Elvis bootleg vaults are empty and FTD appears to have won the game.
Go here as EIN’s Piers Beagley checks out the lack of new material and considers the bootleg era at an end...
And EIN wants YOUR SAY- Are you still buying bootlegs, is there anything new that FTD is not going to release?
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork) 

Rarest Elvis records of the 1950s – x-ray (RIBS) film 8” 78 rpm: In the USSR in the 1950s, unless you lived in the west of the country and could pick up radio transmissions from Europe, it was practically impossible to hear jazz or rock ‘n’ roll, both of which were considered “decadent” by the Soviet authorities.
Enthusiasts found a solution by making single-sided discs on discarded x-ray film, aka (music or) rock on bones (RIBS). The audio quality was poor, but better than nothing. In the circumstances, even Elvis Presley’s ferociously acquisitive manager, Colonel Tom Parker, might have hesitated to call this bootlegging.
The practice was banned by the Soviet authorities in 1958, but continued to flourish throughout the 1960s.
One of the hardest to find x-ray records featuring an Elvis track is Lawdy Miss Clawdy. While listed as being 8” in size, the last known copy sold was 8.7”.

EIN will publish an article on Elvis and Russia’s illegal x-ray film (RIBS) records shortly.
(News, Source: Discogs/EIN)

Bob Dylan didn't speak for one week after Elvis Presley died: Bob Dylan has never been shy about his adoration for Elvis Presley, a figure who indirectly gave him the confidence to chase his dream and confirm the idea that anything was possible. When The King passed away dramatically in 1977, it hit Dylan harder than most and, even though it is only rumoured that he had met his idol sometime before his passing, there was this sense of sadness that loomed over Dylan as he descended into a state of grief which left him unable to speak for an entire week.
Elvis was one of Dylan’s earliest influences, hearing ‘Hound Dog’ for the first time on the radio as a child would prove to be a pivotal moment which would introduce him to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. From that day, he knew that he wanted to emulate Presley.

Dylan would later recall that life-changing moment, “When I first heard Elvis Presley’s voice I just knew that I wasn’t going to work

for anybody and nobody was going to be my boss. Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail,” Dylan poignantly stated. Not only did that kid who heard ‘Hound Dog’ on the radio become a star in his own right, but The King even recorded a cover of Dylan’s ‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’ and the gravitas of this effort wasn’t lost on singer. Elvis was reportedly inspired by Odetta’s version of the song which was recorded before Dylan had even got round to release his own version but it speaks volumes about his songwriting skills nonetheless. Dylan adored Elvis’ recording and later described it as “the one recording I treasure the most” as well as revealing that it was one of his favourite covers of his own tracks by other artists. Elvis would also create a home recording of ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ later in 1966 which would eventually see the light of day on the later released box set Platinum – A Life In Music in 1997.
The New Morning album track ‘Went to See the Gypsy’ is alleged to be about a meeting he had with his childhood hero and it is also rumoured that he attempted to record an Elvis tribute album which, upon second thinking, he decided to abandon after recording just the three tracks which were ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’, ‘Money Honey’ and ‘Anyway You Want Me’.
There is a rumour that the two great minds almost collaborated once upon a time which, sadly for us, never occurred after Dylan and George Harrison no-showed after they met him following a performance at Madison Square Garden in 1972. It was upon that rumoured meeting that Elvis had convinced them to go to the studio with him which, inexplicably, they decided against for reasons that remain unknown. This was a source of regret for Dylan who undoubtedly regretted letting Elvis down and, on reflection, made him take a look at his own actions when Presley died which arrived at a time of personal turmoil for the singer-songwriter whose marriage had ended in divorce just two months prior. The death of The King was a moment which made him reflect even further, looking at himself and this period would end up in Dylan turning to Christianity in an attempt to heal himself. He was at his Minnesota farm with his children and their art teacher, Faridi McFree, who told him the news that rocked him to his core.
Dylan later recalled his initial mindset when he discovered that Elvis had passed, “I went over my whole life. I went over my whole childhood. I didn’t talk to anyone for a week after Elvis died. If it wasn’t for Elvis and Hank Williams, I couldn’t be doing what I do today.”
The next few years were a dark period in Dylan’s life as he spent time on the road to pay off debts which he had somehow managed to amass, thanks to his glamourous lifestyle and expensive Californian divorce. Elvis’ death perhaps was a reminder of his own mortality and the realisation that life is fleeting which can be snatched away in a heartbeat which is likely the reason why his death hit home with Dylan so severely.
NOTE: It is EIN's belief that Bob Dylan never personally met Elvis.
(News, Source: Far Out Magazine UK)

The World of over 100 Elvis Tribute Artists (Lee Jackson): A new book just released is this biographical account of ETAs from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.
“Elvis Tribute Artists have existed since the mid 1950’s, a short time after Elvis started his career. Through their performances, they have the remarkable ability to communicate in unimaginable ways; for those who grew up with Elvis’ music during his lifetime, memories come flooding back and to those in the younger generation who are influenced to become future Elvis fans.
All in all, Elvis Tribute Artists are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, who love what they do, and love giving fans the most authentic Elvis performances possible.”
240 pages with full-colour images.
(News, Source: Amazon/EIN)
. .

. . . .

Sunday 1 August 2021 - - - - only TEN days to 'Elvis Week 2021' - - - -
'ELVIS: Las Vegas Hilton ‘73' FTD Review: Released last month as double 5” digi-pak, this set features Elvis in two shows at the Las Vegas Hilton, August 20 (midnight) and September 2nd (3AM) - in his 9th Las Vegas season.
The August 20, 1973 (Midnight Show) is an old favourite that was released as a Fort Baxter bootleg back in 1995 on 'A Profile The King On Stage Vol 1'. It was a "stereo sound booth audience recording" in pretty good quality.
The September 2, 1973 (3AM show) however is previously unreleased - and it is great fun!
After the earlier traumas Elvis’ health had improved by his 1973 Las Vegas Summer Season and while there is a slight feeling of boredom (which can be no surprise after the peak of Aloha) Elvis was enjoying himself teasing the audience and playing pranks. He would also add new songs ‘Trouble’ and ‘My Boy’ to the setlist while still feeling the freshness of ‘Steamroller Blues’.
Go here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & Piers Beagley check out this new set ....
(FTD Reviews, Source:GM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Kickin' It Down In Baltimore' New Import: From the Ampex label ''Kickin' It Down In Baltimore'' the fantastic November, 9 1971 concert in Baltimore, MD.
While previously released on ''An Unforgettable Night In Baltimore'' we have managed to find a much better sounding tape from a completely new AUDIENCE RECORDING source!
The november tour hasn't properly been represented before outside of a soundboard and a couple of not so good audience recordings, a shame because after a tired but succesful vegas season Elvis reinvigorated himself and performed what could be considered his best tour of the 70's, decked in some newly made jumpsuits and shows usually lasting over and hour combined with the newly joined J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet.
Featuring fantastic performances of ''It's Now Or Never'' ''Are You Lonesome Tonight'' ''How Great Thou Art'' ''Bridge Over Troubled Water'' ''Help Me Make It Through "The Night'' ''The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'' and many more, presented in a digipack filled with photos this release will be sure to please your eyes and ears.
Be sure to ask your dealers for samples
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;AM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Hilton Dinner Show 5th Feb 1973' Import CD & Vinyl: From UK's Townsend Music label the 'Elvis Vegas Hilton Dinner Show, 5th February 1973'.
The publicity notes.. Fresh from the triumph of his historic Aloha From Hawaii TV special, Elvis launched into another sold-out season at the Las Vegas Hilton, singing to sold-out audiences of 2000 a time.
Although he had recently filed for divorce and was allegedly battling throat troubles, as well as taking a good number of prescription meds, he put on a typically slick and entertaining show, as captured on the broadcast recording presented here.
- An incredible performance live from Las Vegas, Nevada
- Includes the entire PBS-TV broadcast
-  Presented with background notes and images.
On CD and White Vinyl. See Townsend Music for orders.
EIN Note: This was never a PBS broadcast. The Feb 5th dinner show has never been released in any good quality so we believe it to be the well-known Feb 3rd Dinner show. Whatever you think, this seems to be a con or at least barrel-scraping  
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;AM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis News from earlier in the week...
Virtual Elvis Week 2021: Today's news, already brought to you by EIN last weekend, that for fans who are unable to visit Memphis during Elvis Week 2021 EPE has confirmed 'Virtual Elvis Week 2021', Live from Graceland!
From August 11-17, 2021.
EPE states that they are... pulling out all the stops for Virtual Elvis Week 2021, with concerts and events at the Soundstage at Graceland LIVE STREAMED in pristine HD with soundboard audio!
Celebrate the legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll through an amazing, never before offered online experience with live concert events, incredible fan experiences, and conversations with special celebrity guests such as Priscilla Presley, James Burton, and Glen Hardin..
Highlights include a 50th anniv concert celebrating Elvis’ Nashville recording sessions, the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contests, Elvis in Concert on the big screen, intimate Panel Conversations on Elvis and more!
Unlike our previous Virtual Elvis Week offering where all the content was pre-recorded or pulled from archival footage, this year you’ll have the chance to experience Elvis Week as it’s happening and feel the electricity of the live shows, just as if you were on the front row here in Memphis!
For your convenience, all shows included in each pass are available from the time they premiere and can be re-watched on demand for 72 hours following the final performance included in the pass purchased.
There are three ticket options available for you to experience Virtual Elvis Week:
ELVIS SUPER FAN PASS - US$199 - Exclusive Virtual Tour Of Graceland + All Nine Live Events And Shows
- ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST PASS -  US$119 - The Elvis Impersonator Shows
ELVIS LEGACY PASS - US$119 - Access to the 5 Elvis Legacy Shows And Events, Elvis In Concert, Nashville Marathon Sessions Concert,  Conversations On Elvis, plus an afternoon with Glen Hardin.
CLICK here to EPE for Tickets
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS DAY BY DAY 2018' - for August 2021: A real treat for Elvis collectors. Poplar Tunes Publishing is proud to announce the release of 'Elvis Day By Day 2018 - The Year In Review' this August.
This third volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series is the first volume going back in recent Elvis history covering 'Everything Elvis Presley from 2018' on over 300 pages including 40+ in-depth reviews, interviews and articles.
The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley (> EIN website), Rogier van Luyken (> It's Elvis Time magazine) and Andreas Pendl (> Graceland magazine Germany) and other fans from around the world.
The foreword was written by renowned Elvis biographer Paul Bélard.
Soon after the release of the first volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series I received the question if I would cover more years than "just" 2019. Since that first book was an experiment, I had to let that question sink in for a while.
As the 2019 and 2020 editions of 'Elvis Day By Day' received positive reviews, I decided to follow-up on those requests, stepping back in time to 2018. Compiling this yearbook was a great trip down memory-lane. Reading the past news on all the music, book and movie releases brought back many memories. News and events I had forgotten about. CDs, LPs, books, movies and documentaries I hadn't played, read or watched for a while got another spin.
Released this August as a 'Summer Special' and truly 'by popular demand' here is 'Elvis Day By Day 2018: The Year In Review', a the follow-up to the successful Elvis Day By Day 2019 & 2020' editions.
For more information check the 'Elvis Day by Day 2018' page or contact the author at: elvis@xs4all.nl.
(News, Source;ElvisDayByDay)

'Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll' Re-Release: Taschen are re-publishing Alfred Wertheimer's 'Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll' as a "Multilingual" Hardcover edition in October 30, 2021.
A previous edition with an alternate cover was published in 2015.
..  “Elvis who?” was photographer Alfred Wertheimer’s response when, in early 1956, an RCA Victor publicist asked him to photograph an up-and-coming crooner from Memphis. Little did Wertheimer know that this would be the job of his life: just 21 years old, Elvis Presley was―as we now know―about to become a legend.
Trailing Presley like a shadow, Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 photographs of Presley that year, creating a penetrating portrait of a man poised on the brink of superstardom. Extraordinary in its intimacy and unparalleled in its scope, Wertheimer's Elvis project immortalized a young man in the very process of making history.
Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll collects Wertheimer’s most remarkable Elvis shots from that magical year, along with a selection of his historic 1958 pictures of the star being shipped off to an army base in Germany. Each chapter is illustrated with a poster by Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America, which created many early Elvis posters in the 1950s.
Publisher: TASCHEN, Hardcove:‎ 336 pages, Item Weight:‎ 5 pounds, Dimensions: ‏:8.43 x 12.44 inches
Out October 30, 2021.
(News, Source;Amazon;ElvisInfoNet)

EIN Exclusives and News from earlier in July ...
Elvis' personal copy of 'The Prophet' for sale: Elvis' copy of Khalil Gibran’s most famous book, The Prophet, is on sale for nearly US$27,000.
UK rare books dealer Peter Harrington has put up Elvis' annotated copy of The Prophet for sale for £19,500 as part of its summer catalog.
This is the first time this copy has been placed on sale in the country. Presley had presented it to his friend Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo Karate, in 1960, according to Fine Books Magazine.
Elvis was known to have a passion for reading, and The Prophet, which consists of 26 prose poetry fables, was one of his favorite books, so much so that he memorized it, according to Parker’s memoir.
“A singer can sing his songs but they must have an ear to receive the song. You have within yourself all possibilities to unlock
all the answers that plague one’s inner heart. God will give you the knowledge if you only seek it,” Presley’s annotations on this particular copy say.
Another copy of Elvis' The Prophet that he gave to Billy Smith sold at Graceland Auction in 2018 for $4,750. Another copy that Elvis gave to his friend Gary Pepper sold for $5,320.
Go here to Peter Harrington for more info
(News, Source;PH/ElvisInfoNet)

Donald Rumsfeld, Elvis fan, died: A story we missed last month - Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defence - and Elvis fan - died June 29, 2021, aged 88.
Donald Rumsfeld is more famous for his time with George W Bush and taking the US into the Iraq war, but even he was an Elvis fan! In an interview to publicise his biography he told this great story...
"A lot of Elvis' songs were really not my thing. But every Sunday if we couldn't get to church we would play tapes of Elvis singing gospel - and they are wonderful."
In his job in the Nixon administration Rumsfeld would become involved in the US "battle against poverty" and meet Sammy Davis Jr.
It was Sammy Davis who invited Rumsfeld and his wife, Joyce, to see an Elvis Presley show at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. Rumsfeld has never seen Elvis perform or even
heard him sing. But he quickly became a fan.
Rumsfeld explains, "Elvis wore scarlet scarves, and he would wipe his face. He'd stand up there and sing and it was fantastic. He'd sing the most ridiculous thing in the world and people would cheer and yell and love it and I would sit there and I'd go oh-no, but then he would sing a ballad and it was absolutely beautiful. Elvis had a voice that was spectacular."
After the show, Sammy Davis took the Rumsfelds backstage to meet Elvis but somewhere in the crowd, Joyce Rumsfeld lost track of her husband.
... "Joyce gets carried away and she's talking to somebody and she couldn't find me. And she finally looked around the room and way off in the corner and Elvis Presley had me cornered. I was against the corner and he's big and he's like this and I was right behind him. He was talking about the United States Army. Elvis served in Germany and he wanted to talk about it. I found it fascinating. Here was a man who'd just been performing on stage and now he was surrounded by all these gorgeous women walking around his dressing room - but he wanted to ask me question after question about the US Army. It says a lot about the man."
During the show Elvis' threw out his famous scarlet scarves with one of them ending up with Mrs. Rumsfeld, and according to the former Secretary of Defence, "it's framed."
.. EIN thanks Bruce Bailey for the reminder.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022' Coming Soon: Erik Lorentzen has noted that his new book trilogy 'ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022' is at the printers.
Elvis' final film shot in 1972 proved to be a critical success, winning a 1973 Golden Globe with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association presenting this award for Best Documentary Film at the 1973 ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The MGM film was a musical documentary directed by Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge. It provided a behind-the-scenes perspective on Elvis on a 15-city U.S. tour as well as footage from his legendary live performances.
Erik Lorentzen - in collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach (Elvis Summer Festival TTWIWas Volumes 1-2-3 4 & 5) has been able to get his bands on hundreds of unseen and unpublished photos from the 1972 April, June and November tours.
This 1200 page edition features the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions. Tons of newspaper reviews from every performance Is described and documented. A COMPLETE historical film - audio-biography presented in a Deluxe 3-book edition.
'ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022' is a monumental reference work, a 3-book publication, over 1200 pages with more than 1000 unseen photos.
Order this Elvis extravaganza- see Elvis Files website
(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Files Magazine #35: Out soon, Elvis Files Magazine issue 35.

Articles include
- Elvis in "It Happened At The World's Fair"
- September 1956 - Elvis On The Upbeat.
- 1970 - Stories from the TCB Band
- 1958 - Elvis In waco, Texas

Go to Elvis Files and Renew your subscription today.
Or send €60 to sales@elvisfiles.no with your details.







(News, Source;EL;ElvisInfoNet)

'Introductory Guide To Elvis UK Film Memorabilia 1956 - 1977': A new book on Pre-Order at The Elvis Shop London. Compiled and written by Harry Carrigan, 'The Elvis Collector - An Introductory Guide To UK Film Memorabilia 1956 - 1977' - Hardback 282 Pages.

The publicity notes... This is the first book on the subject of collectable film memorabilia produced in the UK by the film companies to promote the thirty-one scripted films and two documentaries that Elvis starred in.

Features over 800 images including cinema posters, press campaign books, Lobby Cards, other memorabilia plus a selection of relevant magazines, newspapers and books.
Includes the soundtrack recording sessions, production information plus all the UK cinema release dates and the first known television screening dates.

Go here to Elvis Shop London for more info


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Freddy Mercury and Elvis: Queen guitarist Brian May recently told the UK Express how Elvis was one of Freddie Mercury’s heroes and how Elvis influenced Queen.
May noted, “I think it’s impossible to have been a kid at that time and not been influenced by Elvis.
Freddie was truly an Elvis fan and Elvis was one of Freddie’s great heroes.”
It was in 1979, two years after Elvis' death that Freddie composed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' as a tribute to Elvis.
"That was the first number one across the board in America, Billboard, Cashbox and Record World I think.”
The tribute went to No.1 in Australia and reached No.2 back home in the UK.
May added, “When you listen to an Elvis record you realise he probably did it in one or two takes. There’s no auto-tuning, there’s no jiggery-pokery.
He was damn good. Elvis was accurate, passionate, had fantastic range, fantastic tone; he deserved everything he got. He was the pinnacle at the time, I would say, of what a singer could be – no doubt about it. And he had a great team around him.”
And no one could miss the similarity in the total theatrical nature of both Elvis and Freddie’s stunning stage presence.
(News, Source;Express/ElvisInfoNet)

'It Happened at the World’s Fair' Blu-ray: Warner Archives Collection have released the new 'It Happened at the World’s Fair' on Blu-ray.

Set against the backdrop of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, Elvis plays pilot-for-hire Mike, whose hope of starting his own flying business is grounded by the gambling of his copilot Danny (Gary Lockwood). The two hitch to Seattle, where Mike finds romance, Danny finds easy marks and both find problems prior to a “Happy Ending.”
Keep an eye out for Kurt Russell as the child who wallops Mike in the shins.

Priced at US$20.49.

Look here on Amazon USA.



(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

MRS ‘Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – September 1970': MRS will release a series of special releases titled ‘Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – September 1970' on 24th September 2021.
The formats include a 2CD deluxe that will feature a new previously unreleased soundboard from 2nd September 1970 and a bonus CD, that will cover the final rehearsals at the International Hotel on August 10th before the start of the summer festival with great technological improvements upgrades.
In September 1970 Elvis was still excited to be back on stage and performing for his fans.
Newspaper reviews from his concerts captured the excitement..
"Elvis Presley, head thrown back, feet wide apart, reaching out for adoration - the frantic screams reached the rafters of the building and hung there - an umbrella of screams.
At 35, Elvis is still youthful and trim, the jaw firm, hair jet black and long.
The main difference in Elvis today from the young man in the fifties is a mellowness. There is less arrogance in the man and more humor.
During his fine performance last night, he smiled often and laughed at his own antics.
But, even in all-white jump suit with white shoes
and Indian belt, there is still a touch of the "grease" in Elvis. If there is a raw power in the man, there also is great sensitivity.
An Evening with Elvis Presley will make a television viewer realize how much Tom Jones has copied Elvis' style and that the real product is so much better."

This brand new Las Vegas show also captures that 1970 excitement.
Other formats include 2 separate 180-gram LPs of the above and a very limited-edition cassette of the September show.
The accompanying 40-page booklet of the CD deluxe includes rare photographs and memorabilia taken during these engagements along with introductory notes.
Go to 'All The CD News 2021' for the full details and tracklist.
(News, Source;MRS/ElvisInfoNet)

Becky Yancey, Elvis Secretary, has died: Becky Yancey, who was Vernon and Elvis' personal secretary has  passed away after a two month stay in hospital.
Fans who ever knew her always commented what a delightful and kind lady she was. She will be missed by all.
In 1977 she published the book 'My Life with Elvis: The Fond Memories of a Fan Who Became Elvis' Private Secretary'.
Becky Yancey was a pretty 14 year-old brunette from Memphis when she first met Elvis in 1954. It was at the beginning of his career and he was singing from the back of a flatbed truck at the opening of a shopping center. Seven years later she became his secretary.
During her nearly thirteen years at Graceland, from March 1962 to July 1974, Becky cemented a friendship and became a sometime confidante of Elvis. She would listen attentively during the times he would walk into the office to chat, informally perching with one leg dangling over the side of her desk.
Becky remembers when Priscilla came to Graceland from Germany to live and to complete high school. She was there when Elvis and Priscilla were married, and when there daughter Lisa was born. And she was there through the breakup of the marriage.
In this delightful 'Elvis Beat' interview with Don Wilson she noted..
"Elvis loved his fans. I don't know if they realize how much he did. I would think they would know it, surely, because he did. I have never known him to turn down a fan for an autograph, if anybody asked him for one. He never turned anyone down and a lot of stars today will."
Becky Yancey R.I.P
(News, Source;Facebook/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Aaron Presley L’uomo Dietro al Mito (Elvis Aaron Presley The Man Behind the Myth)': Last week, EIN published its recent interview with author Antonella Santovincenzo. As the interview went “live”, Antonella’s book, Elvis Aaron Presley L’uomo Dietro al Mito, arrived in the EIN offices.
The book has a compact, neat design, with a pleasing “fins” flexi-softcover. The cover image, an artwork by Angelica Riccardi, the author’s daughter, is strong. Inside, both the line spacing and font size are good. The page borders frame the narrative well.

The narrative appears to be interesting. EIN put 25 paragraphs through an online language translator program to get a feel for the author’s style and book content. A stream of important passages stood out, suggesting the narrative is thoughtful and stimulating.
For example (translated passage):
    p77: ....what influence did Tupelo’s economic and cultural hinterland have on him?
    p95: I don’t know how it could have happened, but today we feel Elvis closer than we felt yesterday.
    p231: The final major paradox is the grandiosity of the created image of his character and the humility, or modesty, of the man he really was.

Read EIN’s interview with Antonella here       
To buy a “signed” copy, contact Antonella: dueaedemme@tiscali.it
(News, Source: EIN)

'Elvis is back, but this time with his “streaming” channel':  Nice to see the 2022 launch of "The Elvis Presley Channel" getting into the mainstream media.
Guardian Daily recently reported...
... Famous singer and actor Elvis Presley, one of the most important stars in American music of the twentieth century, will once again be in the music scene, but this time, through his new channel.
The creation of this channel will be made possible thanks to the agreement reached by Cinedigm and the star’s heirs via Elvis Presley Enterprises, the former said in a statement.
The new service will exclusively broadcast the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” movie and TV shows along with music documentaries and films by other artists.
The Elvis Presley Channel, is expected to launch in early 2022, and can be available in the US and Canada for line platforms and on
network-connected TVs, as well as other digital devices, according to Cinedigm.
“There are few people more famous than Elvis Presley, and he transcends time, gender, and medium,” Eric Obika, president of Cinedigm Digital Networks, said in the statement.
“The opportunity to create a brand channel around Elvis opens up streaming possibilities for a whole new demographic in the fastest growing segment of advertising. The channel will allow a whole new audience to experience Elvis, while also giving its fans a deeper look into their idol.”

(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

Linda Thompson reunites with David Stanley: Linda Thompson recently reunited with David Stanley, Elvis' step-brother, and visited some of their old haunts.
In her Instagram post Linda wrote..
.. What a great few days & nights in Vegas! It was so nostalgic getting to revisit the city where I lived for 9 months of the 4 1/2 years Elvis and I were together!
I had a lovely lunch & sweet visit with Elvis’ stepbrother David Stanley at the old Hilton international which is now the Westgate.
She also commented on another Elvis fan, superstar Bruno Mars, "I'm leave the door open” for more 24 karat magic after seeing Bruno Mars in concert! What an astonishing performer! He is an amalgamation of Prince, James Brown, Elvis & Michael Jackson - yet uniquely his own style & magic! "

Linda Thompson apparently then also visited Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi and stopped by Graceland in Tennessee.

Go here to read EIN's exclusive interview with Linda Thompson

Go here to read EIN's exclusive interview with David Stanley

(News, Source;IG/ElvisInfoNet)

(Interview) Antonella Santovincenzo, author of the new book, Elvis Aaron Presley L’Uomo Dietro Al Mito, talks to EIN: Author and Elvis researcher, Antonella Santovincenzo recently took time out of her busy schedule to talk to EIN about Elvis in Italy and her new book, Elvis Aaron Presley L’Uomo Dietro Al Mito. As we announced about Antonella’s book last month:
... This new book in Italian looks to be very interesting. Its Introduction translates to: 'When Elvis smiled the sun started to shine.' Thus expressed Joe Esposito. The importance of a smile. Like the one, one of the last, that Elvis did during the interpretation of the song Unchained Melody on June 21, 1977 and which impressed Antonella Santovincenzo so much. The smile of a tired and suffering man, still capable, however, of creating indissoluble bonds in space and time. It is precisely by chasing this smile that Antonella leads us to discover Elvis as a man, beyond the myth, drawing an extremely private, almost intimate portrait of him. Retracing the places where the artist lived, and visited by the author, the book manages to probe all the character aspects of Elvis: loneliness, generosity, insecurity, versatility, moods, charisma, intelligence, ambition, aesthetic sense, talent, patriotism, spirituality."

In this very interesting and wide ranging interview, the issues Antonella discusses, include:
    - Elvis’ popularity in Italy,
    - how she became a fan,
    - the genesis for her book,
    - traveling to Tupelo and Memphis,
    - how Elvis can help us in understanding our lives, and
    - highlights in her book.

    (Interview, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

Coco Palms Resort Iconic Hawaii resort to be demolished: One of Hawaii’s most iconic resorts that once welcomed Elvis Presley as well as Frank Sinatra, among other stars, is set to be demolished after nearly 30 years of abandonment.
Coco Palms Resort first opened in 1953 and shortly thereafter became very popular in the Hollywood community.
Several movies were filmed at the resort, including the ELVIS classic “Blue Hawaii.”
Located in Wailuā, the structure was built in the middle of a coconut grove that was planted in 1896 on an ancient site of Hawaiian royalty, according to Jam Press. Many locals consider the land of historical significance.
In 1992, Coco Palms,which sat on nearly 20 acres, was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki, a Category 4 storm, and has since remained neglected.
Water flooded the resort while the natural surrounding elements have inhaled the property.
The hoped for redevelopment plan needed the original main building to be an integral part of any final development but unfortunately the buildings’ concrete has corroded overtime due to exposure to the ocean salt.
Despite this, the original artistic mosaic work can still be seen, while some of the abandoned 24 rooms of the hotel give a hint of how it used to look in its former glory days.
In 2016, Honolulu developers GreeneWaters LLC formed a partnership with Coco Palms Hui LLC to restore the resort, with the intent to reopen Coco Palms as part of the Hyatt franchise and to stop the initial proposed demolition. But in 2019 the project collapsed due to financial reasons. The future of the land remains in limbo.
Back in 2015 EIN's Sanja Meegin brought us her fabulous report on one of Elvis' most famous Hawaiian destinations. See below
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis and the Coco Palms Resort: Elvis spent quite some time on the Hawaiian island of Kauai vacationing, and filming Blue Hawaii - in fact the last 20 minutes of the movie was shot on and near the grounds of the Coco Palms resort. Kauai has always been EIN's Sanja Meegin's favourite of the Hawaiian Islands, primarily because of its unspoiled majestic natural beauty, but also because of its Elvis ties.
The recent news that Hawaii's Coco Palms Resort will be completely renovated made her extremely eager to see this paradise where Elvis sang The Hawaiian Wedding song whilst floating up the lagoon on a floral canoe with co-star Joan Blackman.
Click here as Sanja brings us her fabulous 2015 report on one of Elvis' most famous Hawaiian destinations with some fabulous before and after shots.
- Aloha From Hawaii!
(Spotlight, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

New book 'Los Aviones y El Rey': A new book in spanish 'Los Aviones y El Rey' - ('Planes and The King') - from author Carlos Varrenti.
It is a unique book that has been getting high praise. Luckily for us Carlos Varrenti is currently working on an English translation due for late 2021.
The author explains.... 'As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland, back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis' history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. Observing the imposing flying machines exhibited at Graceland as testimonies to the greatness of the Artist of the Century, led me to think at the time that there was more behind his story. And there is! It was like this that, for several years now, every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. After several years of accumulating material, I have decided to entrust myself to this company, putting into words what I was able to compile of my two great passions: Elvis Presley and Aeronautics.'

Go here to 'ELVIS FILES' for a neat review and plenty of preview pics.

The review includes, "This work is the result of a meticulous research and compilation of information that he carried out over many years, something that is truly admirable. I really enjoyed reading it, I became aware of events in Elvis' life that I was not aware of and above all I confirmed the humble, generous and enthusiastic nature of Elvis Presley. This book is a valuable project, a jewel for all Elvis fans, as well as a curious and interesting work for experts and lovers of aviation."

This Spanish limited edition is available now through carlosvarrenti@aol.com - Or BUY Here via Elvis Shop Argentina.

EIN thanks Robert van Beek for the info.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

JULY 1 - Two New FTDs: Two new FTDs have been announced, a double 1974 soundboard plus 'Girls!, Girls!, Girls!' on VINYL. 
1.“ELVIS: FORT WORTH, TEXAS ‘74”. FTD is pleased to announce the release of “ELVIS: FORT WORTH, TEXAS ‘74”- June 16, 1974. Released as a 5” digipack, and taken from the original soundboard source, this 2-CD set features Elvis in excellent form from the summer tour of 1974.
Elvis was in great form at the two shows on Father’s Day! Songs include “Big Boss Man”, “Funny How Time Slips Away”, “How Great Thou Art” and “Help Me”.
These two performances have never been released on Soundboard before.
While the setlists were very similar Elvis did perform the rare-for-on-tour-1974 'How Great Thou Art' at the evening show.
EIN Adds: Elvis performed four shows at the 14,000 seater Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth Texas. These were the first four shows of Elvis' Tour #11 so he was ready to rock.
The Opening Show newspaper review included,
"Elvis put on one sharp, uptown and professional show here Saturday afternoon. Wrapped skintight or loosely white bellbottoms and waist-length jacket. Elvis had the show in the palm of his hand.
He moved smoothly through a few Elvis oldies and wheeled into heavier stuff ...'Why Me Lord' and 'Suspicious Minds'.
Elvis was relaxed, comfortable before an obviously warm audience. His easy rapport with backup musicians and singers buoyed the show."

FTD have previously released five shows from this tour #11 all very enjoyable listening.
Rockin' Across Texas (CD1) June 19, Sold Out! CD2 June 21, ELVIS: Omaha Nebraska '74 CD1&2 June 30 (both shows), Fashion For A King (CD1) Omaha July 1.
While the setlists were very similar Elvis did perform the rare-for-on-tour-1974 'How Great Thou Art' at the evening show.
Go to 'SONY / FTD News 2021' for tracklists
2. 'GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!' – Limited Double VINYL
FTD VINYL is please to announce the release of 'GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!' – 180 Gram Limited Double VINYL Edition.
The design is inspired by the original European RCA Victor ‘60s release.
The album contains masters and alternative versions of several songs from the soundtrack sessions.
“Plantation Rock” and “Dainty Little Moonbeams”/ ”Girls! Girls! Girls!” End Title are here in their rightful place at last!
EIN Adds: As most fans are aware most of the session reels have been lost. This means FTD have little to work with and the albums included multiple versions of 'Mama' - three tracks on Side 4 are various versions of 'Mama'!
Recorded March 26-28, 1962 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
Go to 'SONY / FTD News 2021' for tracklists
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

Don't forget that EIN's Elvis Facebook page regularly features fabulous RARE newly discovered photos of Elvis. This month EIN celebrates our 44,000 members! - including several of Elvis' own friends and colleagues So Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs.

Now with over thousands of great photos, News and with more added every day – including YouTube footage.

Click here to Facebook - Elvis Information Network group.

"On Tour" 50th Anniversary - FTD vs Lorentzen release:
In the same way that the FTD 'TTWII' Collectors Edition had to include similar photos to Erik Lorentzen's 'TTWII' Summer Festival publication, a debate among Elvis collectors has already started regarding the two new 'On Tour' editions and which one to purchase.
Lorentzen promises the earlier publication this year, whereas FTD are still gathering documentation and unseen images for their 2022 release.
Trouble has also started as Lorentzen has stated about his book, "Unique in this 1200 page edition is that for the first time the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions" yet now Ernst Jørgensen has posted that his personal session notes are being used without permission.
It will be difficult for fans to decide which to buy, or both, especially with the extra wait for the David English / Pål Granlund 50th Anniversary FTD 'On Tour' project.
Ernst Jørgensen posted the following statement..
"It has come to my attention that some of my personal recording notes are being used in Erik Lorentzen’s forthcoming Elvis On Tour book.
This is disappointing; as Erik has been notified that this information is private and confidential, and prior to publication permission is required, which has not been granted.
Pål, David and myself are working on an 'Elvis On Tour' FTD release for 2022, this information will be included with this release."

We do however also know that FTD will be including audio cds with their publication, the audio content however has not been finalised as yet.
(Note: Both images are of course not the actual book covers!)
(News, Source; ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis , racism, and changing song lyrics to avoid jail time: There have been several good books published debunking the myth that Elvis racist. These include Elvis From Black and White to Technicolor (Paul Belard and Joseph Krein), Dispelling the Myths An Analysis of American Attitudes and Prejudices (Todd Rheingold), and Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley (Joyce Rochelle Vaughn). In his book, Dispelling the Myths, Todd Rheingold neatly addresses both the racism issue and also the songwriting credits Elvis occasionally got. On the issue that Elvis stole “black music”:
 .. When black musicians say that Elvis stole everything from them, they are shifting the focus of responsibility from where it belongs. If the American people did not wholly support a stratification or racial hierarchy within the recording industry, there would be no reason for thinly veiled racial classifications such as Country & Western and Rhythm & Blues in the first place..... The blame belongs on the backs of American people, not on Elvis Presley.
 Racism is so deeply embedded in the American psyche that one would be hard pressed to come up with alternatives to marketing musical product for popular consumption in this country that would be completely removed from racial overtones.


R&B legend James Brown, a close friend of Presley’s, writes in his autobiography that when Elvis first started, “he was copying B.B. King and them, but finally they didn’t have enough fire for him. That’s  when he really got into his own thing. Elvis was great. People still said he was copying, but he found his own style. It’s true we’ve kind of had a monopoly on certain kinds of music, but everybody’s entitled to it. They shouldn’t steal it, but they’re entitled to learn it and play it.”

 Regarding Elvis receiving a “songwriting credit”:
 Exacerbating the situation was that his publishing companies, Elvis Presley Music and Gladys Music, had their songwriters agree to forgo publishing royalties if they had their own publishing company or separate publishing contract.......When Elvis inquired as to the legitimacy of such action. he was informed that his contributions in the studio as far as arrangements and “occasional word changes” warranted such compensation. Actually, Presley did make some important alterations in the lyrics of several songs, particularly R&B songs that were too scandalously written for a mainstream audience. Besides his early Sun revisions, Elvis refurbished tunes like Smiley Lewis’s “One Night of Sin (Is All I’m Paying For)” for RCA Victor. While the original was about an orgy, with lyrics like, “The things I did and I saw/Would make the earth stand still,” the remake had to do with passionate, but monogamous sex. Elvis changed the above line to “The things we two could plan/Would make my dreams come true.”
 Today, these modifications may not seem so drastic, but in 1958 they made the difference between a pop song and an R&B song.

There is evidence to suggest that if Elvis had sung the original and put it out as a single, he probably would have been thrown in jail for obscenity. He had already been threatened enough times wit obscenity charges for his performance style, and various authorities, including the F.B.I., were monitoring his every action in their efforts to safeguard America’s moral fabric from his corruptive and corrosive influence...... This does not change the fact that as a result of his co-authorship and Colonel Parker’s deal with Hill and Range, songwriters had to accept a cut in their royalties.
(News, Source: EIN/Dispelling the Myths)
For more about Elvis and racism:
Elvis was NOT a racist! (Spotlight article)
Elvis Black and White to Technicolor (Book Review)
Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley (Book Review)

MRS June VINYL Releases - OUT NOW: Also released this week more treats for Elvis VINYL collectors from the UK based MRS label.
See 'All The CD Release News 2021' for tracklist etc
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)
. . . .

The Elvis Presley Thread Shop: Recently announced by Sony / ABG, a brand development offering a variety of Elvis Presley products and merchandise, including newly-designed apparel, on the Amazon Elvis Presley store.
The Amazon Elvis store offers fans a wide variety of merchandise including apparel, accessories, toys, books, movies, music (streaming and physical product) and more. The Thread Shop has created an exclusive line of Elvis apparel for the store with newly-designed pieces including t-shirts, tank tops, V-necks, raglan sleeves, crew sweats, hoodies and more.
The Thread Shop designs, manufactures and markets fashionable and functional merchandise and lifestyle goods that reflect the vision and aesthetic of its artist and brand partners. It offers artist-specific product lines, limited-edition customized merchandise and full-scale tour merchandising through a variety of online and physical retailers, as well as through artist e-commerce sites and pop-up retail environments in tour venues and stores.
GO to AMAZON TO Check it out.
(News, Source;ABG/ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review) Elvis November 1956: As fans, we do not always realize that what we think we know about Elvis’ life, happened in short periods of time. Paul Belard’s visual biography series illustrates how hectic Elvis’ life and rise to fame was.
The latest release in Paul Belard’s series of photobooks, covering just one month in 1956, highlights just how much happened.
It was a busy time, Elvis spent time with his girlfriend Natalie Wood and buddy, Nick Adams on his new Harley Davidson. He did a small tour in the south with Scotty, DJ and Bill making stops in Toledo, Cleveland, Troy and Louisville, Kentucky. And managed to squeeze in a 10-day holiday with Bitsy Mott, Gene Smith and Richard Dougher to Las Vegas, returning to the New Frontier Hotel.

EIN’s Nigel Patterson and Elvis Day By Day’s Kees Mouwen joined forces to provide a detailed review of the narrative, visual and archival highlights from what was a a very busy month for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

(Book Review, Source:EIN & EDayByDay)

. . . .

'Elvis UK' Book Re-Issue: Following the successful release of 'Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British CD Releases 1983-2005' as a Flip book in February 2021, co-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto are pleased to announce that their original book – the long out-of-print Elvis UK – published in 1987 – is now to be made available using the same digital technology but with an additional 60 pages of ‘bonus material’.
Our prime reason for making this book available is due to the constant requests for hard copies as it went out of print in the late 1980s.  Unfortunately, a physical reprint was not an option, owing to extremely high production costs – just as it wasn’t for Elvis UK3.  However, unlike the latter project - which we wanted to be able to update when required  – 'Elvis UK' will be available as a download.  The document will not be held on a digital platform and accessed via the internet, but will be available on the buyer’s own device.
Importantly though, the original book appears exactly as it was in 1987 as it has not been possible to make any textl amendments as the book did not exist in a digital form.
The original Elvis UK was a 565 page hard-backed reference book, published by Blandford Press, dealing with the then hitherto largely unexplored subject of Elvis Presley’s UK record releases from March 1956 through to 1986, nine years after Presley’s death. The digital copy of Elvis UK features:
    Every individual record release – singles, EPs and LPs issued on HMV, RCA and third party labels between 1956-86 – in great detail and in chronological order
- Each entry included detailed track info as well as writers’ names, release dates, and chart entry positions
    Every release and re-release carefully cross-referenced
    Label and sleeve variations identified and dated
    Introductory sections which include background to the issuing companies, comprehensive information about details printed on labels and the process of how records were made
    Chronological and alphabetical listings of all main sections, including catalogue numbers and release dates   
A various artist section which featured one or more Elvis tracks
    A section detailing promotional records
    Hundreds of illustrations
    An Interview and spoken word index
    A full list of every song showing where it appeared, cross-referenced with page numbers
- Plus - 60 pages of bonus material – which includes the following:
    The Making Of Elvis UK
    Golden Grooves
    LP Re-issues

Fortunately, in transferring Elvis UK into the Flip format none of the original search features have been lost. On the contrary, the comprehensive contents and indexing system built in to the original book has been accentuated by the highly intuitive navigational features offered by Flip.  Searching is much easier and quicker.
In our view, this move represents the only sensible and cost-effective way of making this valuable and much-sought after reference work available to a much wider audience – but at the reasonable and affordable price.  The download version of 'Elvis UK', complete with 60 pages of bonus material section costs just £20. 
More about this release (and others in the series) and how to order it can be found on our website – www.elvisukbooks.co.uk
(News, Source;GM/ElvisInfoNet)
See EIN review of 'Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide To Elvis British CD 1983-2005'- highly recommended

‘Elvis - The First Engagements 1969-70’ In-Depth Review: MRS's new triple-CD set ‘Las Vegas International Presents Elvis - The First Engagements 1969-70’ was released last month. The CDs contain three captivating performances drawn from Elvis’ first two engagements at the Las Vegas International in August 1969 and January thru February 1970.
For the first time ever, these soundboard recordings (formerly in mono) have been remastered and remixed to true stereo with outstanding expertise using the most sophisticated technologies to achieve the best possible sound.
The accompanying 40-page booklet includes rare photographs and memorabilia taken during these engagements along with introductory notes.

EIN's Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley check out this new collection and discover just how good these concerts sound in stereo - a perfect concert package for any Elvis fan.

(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Book Review: 'Elvis The King of the Rings Vol 1': Author-researcher Paul Belard has released the latest installment in his ongoing Elvis day-by-day biography series, visually (and narratively) documenting Elvis Presley's life and times. Unlike previous volumes, this book doesn’t cover a specific period of time, it covers a “shiny” part of our man's life, his love for big and glittery jewelry, specifically rings.
Elvis liked expensive things: cars, motorcycles, clothes, and jewelry. His jewels befitted a king. He wore sumptuous pendants hung on heavy gold chains; huge lavish rings dripping of rubies, sapphires, lapis lazuli, and emeralds; bracelets of gold and precious gems.
The singer Robert Goulet described Elvis’ penchant for generosity: “I remember once we sat together backstage for two hours. And he was a charming, delightful man. And at one point I said, “That’s a beautiful ring you have there.” He said, “You like it?” I said, “It’s beautiful!” He took it off his hand and put it on mine. He gave me his ring.”

Belard's new book features 254 pages dedicated to Elvis’ love of rings.
The photos include close-ups of so much glorious "Bling" along with stories of Elvis wearing them on-stage and even where they ended up.
Go here to read our review by Kees Mouwen and Nigel Patterson
(Book Review, Source:DayByDay/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Priscilla At Elvis Week 2021: In a neat push to ramp up excitmednt about this year's Elvis Week, Graceland is excited to announce that Priscilla Presley will make special appearances during Elvis Week 2021 at ELVIS IN CONCERT on August 16 and CONVERSATIONS ON ELVIS on August 17 at the Graceland Soundstage, in addition to attending the exclusive cocktail party on Graceland’s Back Lawn for Elvis Week Platinum Package Holders on August 17.
New Guests for Elvis Week include Dixie Locke Emmons at Conversations on Elvis on August 17; Sam Thompson, Norbert Putnam and David Briggs at Conversations on Elvis on August 14; and Charles Stone at Fan Celebration on August 16.
A limited amount of Platinum Elvis Week Packages including the exclusive cocktail party are still available. Yours for only US$1,650 each!
(EIN would want to meet ELVIS at that price!)
Go here to Graceland for tickets and more info.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Jay Thompson and Elvis Presley' Spotlight: In April 1956 Disc-jockey Jay Thompson, from Breckenridge radio station KSTB, interviewed a young Elvis Presley while he was touring through Texas on a string of one-night stands. In that 1956 interview Elvis interestingly revealed that he was previously training to be an electrician, that his first movie would be The Rainmaker and that he did not know Bill Black or Scotty Moore before their Sun session.

In 1982 Elvis fan Scott Wheeler befriended and interviewed Jay Thompson about the experience. Although Jay never actively participated in Elvis-related events or productions in later years he also never sought notoriety for the interview either. However we believe it's important that Jay Thompson be well remembered for his valuable contribution to the history of Elvis.

Go here to our special Spotlight - plus Elvis' Wichita Falls Interview - by Scott Wheeler / Piers Beagley...
(Spotlight; Source;SW/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Summer Festival 1970: The Rehearsals' In-Depth Review: MRS's new triple-CD set 'Summer Festival 1970: The Rehearsals' was released last month.
The CDs contain rehearsal highlights from one of the most memorable periods in Elvis’ career - his captivating performances at The International Hotel Las Vegas in the summer of 1970. With remastered audio and accompanying 40-page booklet the package is aimed at the general public, plus Elvis collectors who could not afford last year's FTD fan club deluxe release.
Elvis’ glorious rehearsals on 24 July at RCA studios are the real key to this release. Twenty seven classic performances and with Elvis not only rehearsing the familiar songs we would all come to know from the MGM movie but also songs he would never perform on stage.

EIN's Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley check out this new collection and discover some neat surprises along the way.

(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

MRS June VINYL Releases: The UK Memphis Recording Service will release 3 separate vinyl releases in June 2021.
These are strictly Limited Edition sets and will be available in both Black and Clear vinyl.
Please note, the clear vinyl is ONLY available from Elvis fan clubs and exclusive Elvis dealers and WILL NOT be available to the mainstream public and stores.
The 3 vinyl releases are as follows:

This triple album set contains rehearsal highlights from one of the most memorable periods in Elvis’ career - his captivating performances at The International Hotel Las Vegas in the summer of 1970. These truly historical recordings, remastered and restored, capture the raw and early development of songs that were performed weeks later in Las Vegas and which were recorded by the MGM cameras for Elvis' stunning TTWII movie.

The album features 48 recordings from Elvis' rehearsals at MGM Culver City 15 July 1970 as well as his stunning session at RCA Studios, Hollywood, 24 July 1970.



Go to 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist and details


This double LP contains Elvis’ second engagement at the Las Vegas International Hotel in January & February 1970.

The first LP features Elvis Opening Show, 26th JANUARY 1970, the second album features the season's Closing Show, 23rd FEBRUARY 1970



Go to 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist and details


(Single LP 180g)
This single album contains the earliest known recorded performance from Elvis’ first engagement at the Las Vegas International Hotel in August 1969.

Capturing Elvis at his energised best weeks before the RCA mobile van arrived to record his later 1969 performances that would be compiled into his classic 'In Person' album.


Go to 'All The CD Release News 2021' for full tracklist and details


(Interview) Evangelos Proiou, President of the official Greek Elvis fan club talk to EIN: In the past year EIN has interviewed several Elvis fan club presidents from around the world (Jean-Marie Pouzenc - France and Carlos Ares – Argentina). 

In our latest interview, we talk with Evangelos Proiou. Evangelos, and his wife, Anna, have been running the Elvis Forever Fan Club of Greece for more than four decades.
Evangelos discusses a range of topics including Elvis’ most successful records and films in Greece, rare Greek releases, and promotion of Elvis in Greece.

Read Evangelos’ full interview

(Interview, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

'The Something For Everybody Sessions' Deluxe FTD Review: Released Released back in November 202, 'The Something For Everybody Sessions' (ft 'The Wild In The Country Sessions') was another in FTD’s “complete sessions” releases. An 8 inch deluxe 4-CD package featuring a 28-page booklet with an insightful essay, record and movie data, memorabilia and rare photos. It includes remixed and remastered unreleased studio outtakes - all the RCA session takes from Elvis' RCA November 7 / 8, 1960 and March 12 / 13, 1961 recording sessions.
On close investigation we discover various Elvis comments that had been previously edited out such as, “I’m gonna’ get this son-of-a-bitch” on ‘Give Me The Right’ - while the frustration of the repetitive 'Wild In The Country Sessions' also becomes obvious.

But it there really enough previously unreleased material to makes this session worth purchasing all over again?
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley checks out this new Deluxe set and discovers some hidden delights for session collectors....
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Book Review 'An A-Z of Elvis': Joe Shooman’s new book 'An A-Z of Elvis... Infrequently Asked Questions' is an offbeat look at various parts of the Elvis story.
As the author notes, "This isn’t your bog-standard rehash of the same old Elvis tropes, instead we decided to look for the weird and wonderful…"

The A-Z entries are a diverse, eclectic collection, from the well-known to the weird and controversial. Each entry is afforded a paragraph or two up to a page of interesting text, with many of the entries complemented by impressive contemporary, hand drawn, artwork.

Our review discovers that at times, there is an almost punk sensibility in the narrative as author Joe Shooman dredges the darkest recesses of the multi-layered Elvis story and occasionally assaults the reader’s conception of Elvis Presley reality....

Go here as EIN's Nigel Patterson checks out this fascinating sounding publication.


(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis UK3' Book UPDATE: Elvis collectors will be interested to know that the new on-line book 'Elvis UK3' by John Townson and Gordon Minto has already undergone its first update.

They note.. "Following the launch of 'Elvis UK3' in February, as promised, we have carried out the first of our planned (and periodic) updates - taking the opportunity to correct some minor typos at the same time, also.
This update had been held back pending the release of FTD’s 'The His Hand In Mine Sessions', and this information has now been added to the text in the appropriate places.
All subscribers will have immediate access to the changes seamlessly - they don’t need to do anything!"

EIN is impressed that the work can be updated so quickly in this ever-expanding Elvis world.

Go here for EIN's in-depth review and page samples

(News, Source;GM/ElvisInfoNet)

Book Review - 'ELVIS UK3': Recently published 'ELVIS UK3' The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley's British CD Releases 1983-2005' by John Townson and Gordon Minto comprises 1400 pages with over a million words plus 4,000 plus illustrations.
This examination of Elvis’ British releases is an incredibly detailed narrative and visual record of his CD releases in the UK from 1983 to 2005. The first Elvis CD, 'The Legend' (3CD), was released in the UK in December 1983. Reflecting the fledgling nature of the format, UK fans had to wait another 12 months until the release of not one, but three, Elvis albums, in December 1984. By that time, the flood gates for the CD medium were starting to strain.
As with the authors’ earlier two volumes on Elvis UK vinyl releases, the information in Elvis UK3 is exhaustive.
To say that Elvis UK3 was well-researched would be a serious understatement. There is so much information in this book that it is difficult to comprehensively review it all. While many collectors will be most interested in the technical details for each entry, the author’s narrative is excellent.
Released using the flipbook format EIN tested Elvis UK3 on four platforms - a 28” computer monitor, 14” tablet, iPad 8 and a 6.5” android mobile phone.
EIN's Nigel Patterson has spent plenty of time reading through this massive work and here presents his in-depth review ...

(Book Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis "BACK ON DVD!": Paramount have re-released three classic Elvis movies this month on DVD.
'G.I. Blues'- BACK ON DVD! The year was 1960...
'Girls! Girls! Girls!' - BACK ON DVD! The year was 1962...
'Paradise, Hawaiian Style'- BACK ON DVD! The year was 1966...
From Paramount Pictures.- Release date: March 12, 2021. From Amazon for $14.99.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

. . . .

'The Best Use of Elvis Music in Recent Movies': In the first two decades after his untimely death it was rare to hear an Elvis song in a new feature film - and certainly not in a TV advert.
EPE / BMG seemed reluctant to licence Elvis' music which is strange considering the amount of sub-standard Elvis products they were pumping out to fans. But everything changed in 2002 with ‘ALLC' hitting number one all around the world .
So with Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS biopic in production it's a good time to revisit some of the best use of Elvis music in recent movies.
Film producers have discovered that using ELVIS in recent movie soundtracks can be a powerful and positive idea.
From the cartoon Lilo & Stitch to the blockbuster Blade Runner 2049 and the Elton John biopic Rocketman, the use of Elvis songs in the soundtrack can add that something special.
EIN lists Movie blog Screenrant's recently posted Top Ten and also adds EIN readers favourites.
Visit our EIN spotlight and also send us YOUR THOUGHTS on your favourite use of ELVIS in modern films.
(Spotlight, Source;SR/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Day By Day 2020' Book Review: 2020 is a year none of us will forget. But as we all tried to adapt to a "new normal" the wonderful world of Elvis Presley provided a very fine distraction. 2020 brought us several great Elvis releases on CD and vinyl (lots of it!), many new books, movie releases on DVD, Blu-ray and in cinemas around the world. We had to say good-bye to friends from the Elvis world and there was the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a huge impact on the Elvis world too.

Everything Elvis Presley from 2020 is captured in this comprehensive, day-by-day yearbook. Fully illustrated, with new in-depth reviews, articles and interviews on the main - and odd-ball - releases of the year. The good, the bad, the funny and the sad, and even the news and reviews you may have missed. All packed in one comprehensive book to revisit 2020 as it happened.

The book is.. "Impeccably written, in an attractive and easy to read composition, it is peppered with facts accompanied by high quality B&W and color pictures. It demonstrates in detail that Elvis is still present and influential."
Go here to Elvis author Paul Belard's full review..
(Book Reviews, Source;PB/ElvisInfoNet)

Interview: 'ELVIS UK3' authors John Townson & Gordon Minto: Recently published 'ELVIS UK3' The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley's British CD Releases 1983-2005' by co-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto comprises 1400 pages with over a million words plus 4,000 plus high quality black and white and colour illustrations.
It is a massive undertaking that provides the definitive guide to Elvis's UK compact disc releases from the ' The Legend' - the world's first ever Elvis compact disc in 1983 - in meticulous and unprecedented detail.
Every single, RCA, FTD and third party album (all 450 of them!) issued up to 2005 are written about individually in fascinating detail, arranged in chronological order, carefully cross-referenced, while charting and describing company and industry developments along the way.
With such a massive book EIN readers have asked questions such as..
- Who is this book actually aimed at?
- Did you learn particular new insights into RCA's marketing on Elvis?
- How important was Roger Semon in changing Elvis' musical legacy
- Was 'The King Of Rock n Roll' box-set the true turning point?
- Should RCA have stuck to 'The Beatles' approach of only one essential release per year?
- Why is it a digital release and not a hard-back?

EIN's Piers Beagley interviewed authors John Townson and Gordon Minto to find out more about this amazing work ...
Go here to their fascinating and detailed interview
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

ELVIS WEEK 2021 Schedule Announced: Graceland has just announced the Elvis Week 2021 schedule and we cannot wait to welcome fans back to Memphis in August for a celebration like no other!
It will be a great time to gather again with friends to celebrate the music, movies, and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Elvis Week 2021 highlights include a 50th anniversary concert celebrating Elvis’ Nashville recording sessions, Blue Hawaii Luau, Ultimate ETA Contests and concerts, exclusive tours, first-time experiences, Elvis in concert on the big screen, and much more! An Elvis Week not-to-be-missed!
Tickets and Packages go on Sale Friday, February 12
Note - COVID-19 Protocols will be in place for all events. This includes the requirement of masks, temperature screenings, and socially distanced seating.

EIN Note: Many of the events are what were planned for Elvis Week 2020, let's hope the COVID-19 situation has calmed down by August.

The two Highlights for EIN would be ...
- Nashville Marathon Sessions 50th Anniversary Concert - August 13
Celebrate Elvis’ Nashville Marathon Sessions at Nashville’s Studio B in 1970 and 1971 with musicians James Burton, Norbert Putnam, David Briggs, and Charlie McCoy, who shared the studio with Elvis during these legendary recordings. Joined by vocalists Terry Mike Jeffrey and Dean Z, this concert will feature an unforgettable evening of music and storytelling. From fan favorites songs such as “Just Pretend” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to “I’ve Lost You” and “Stranger in the Crowd” – enjoy a very special night of Elvis music at the Graceland Soundstage.
- Elvis In Concert - August 16th
Celebrate the King of Rock 'n' Roll at Graceland during this live concert experience featuring amazing on-screen performances by Elvis himself, backed on stage by a live band with special guest appearances by TCB Band members guitarist James Burton and piano player Glen Hardin, plus Terry Blackwood and The Imperials. A not-to-be-missed concert event!
- ‘Down In The Jungle Room’ – is once again a special Event at $750 per ticket!
Only 10 tours available on each date; Limited to two tours per purchaser.
- Also this year ‘Hidden Graceland Tours’ yours for only $500!
Only 10 tours available on each date; Limited to two tours per purchaser.
Go HERE to EPE for full schedule and Ticket info.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

(Interview) Brandon Yip (author of Elvis Presley “All Shook Up” in Canada): Elvis only performed outside the USA on five occasions – all shows in Canada in 1957. Canadian born and bred writer and author, Brandon Yip, formed an obsession about Elvis’ Canadian concerts.
Dissatisfied with the information he had read about the shows, particularly Elvis’ final Canadian performance in Vancouver, Brandon went in search of more information, tracking down and interviewing people who were lucky enough to see Elvis “live” in Canada.

The result of his research is his new book, Elvis Presley “All Shook Up” in Canada. It includes first-hand accounts by fans and legendary Canadian radio DJ, Red Robinson.

Brandon recently took time out to talk with EIN’s Nigel Patterson about his book and what he found.

Read the full interview here

(Interview, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

Tony Plews - 'Walk A Lonely Street' - INTERVIEW: Recently published author Tony Plews' 'Walk A Lonely Street: Elvis Country Music & The True Story of Heartbreak Hotel' is a unique volume that tells the tale of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame as viewed through the lens of his era-defining first hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel”.
The book, Walk A Lonely Street, spans over one hundred years and involves scores of singers and their songs, it uncovers the truth, placing events in context, and revealing the astonishing depth of Presley’s artistic vision and achievements.
It is unlike any Elvis book that you will have read before.
EIN wanted to know some answers such as.....
- Part biography, part investigation, part reference and part thriller, how did he come up with the concept
- Why does a book about "Heartbreak Hotel" start in 1865
- How did he find connections to Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden and even Delta Pinney (who shot that lonely man) and what did they think when he came calling?
EIN's Piers Beagley interviewed author Tony Plews to find out how he came up with such an incredible concept for his first book - and what discoveries he made along the way...
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review) Inventing Elvis – An American Icon in a Cold War World (Mathias Haeussler): The latest academic examination of the Elvis Presley story explores his relationship in the context of a rising trans-national youth culture and Cold War politics. Assistant Professor Mathias Haeussler has written a powerful account of how Elvis’ role in each of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s was an evolutionary one, reflecting the broader socio-cultural and political changes of each decade.
The subject matter is diverse, ranging from Elvis’ image as a threat to the morals of youth in the 1950s (in a sense mirroring the threat of communism), to the cultural imperialism reflected his 1960s movies (while American culture and political influence was spreading globally), and Elvis’ decline in the 1970s (at a time when America was reeling from its own excesses including the disastrous Vietnam War).

Read EIN Nigel Patterson's in-depth review

(Book Review, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)


(Book Review) Elvis@Argentina 1963-1969 (Carlos Ares): The second volume in Carlos Ares’ series of “coffee table” books detailing Elvis’ reception in Argentina is another high quality production. With a great balance between informative text, colorful images and impressive archival artefacts, it is a worthy inclusion in any fan’s Elvis library.

It is available in English and Spanish text editions.

Read EIN Nigel Patterson’s detailed review


(Book Review, Source:ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Walk A Lonely Street' Book Review: Recently published Tony Plews, 'Walk A Lonely Street: Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story of Heartbreak Hotel' is a unique volume that tells the tale of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame as viewed through the lens of his era-defining first hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel”. Presented as a series of consecutive short stories, it offers a new perspective on Presley’s musical and cultural achievements, and reveals the true and dramatic saga behind the breakthrough song that changed the world.
In EIN Piers Beagley's detailed review he discovers that.. the true joy of this book is Tony Plews’ delightful and engaging writing style. His detailed research and his mix of facts and imagination blend together to create an emotional narrative that really draws the reader in. At times he also adds a nice British, somewhat droll, sense of humour that can make you laugh out loud. A totally enthralling musical journey, Tony Plews writes with a truly engaging, colourful and passionate style. If your love of Elvis is based upon his amazing musical legacy then this is the book for you....
Go here to EIN's 'Walk A Lonely Street' in-depth review
Coming Wednesday.. EIN interviews author Tony Plews
(Book Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

‘From Elvis in Nashville’ Box-set EIN In-Depth Review: A 4CD collection presenting the definitive chronicle of Elvis' 1970 marathon sessions with the "Nashville Cats".
Recorded live in RCA's Studio B over the course of an epic five day run in June 1970 now, for the first time, the sessions are presented in pristine audio, newly mixed by acclaimed engineer Matt Ross-Spang without the added overdubs appearing on earlier releases.
Elvis’ 1970 Nashville session was very different from the previous Memphis sessions or even Elvis’ later sessions. Nashville was a real mix of Elvis recording RCA supplied demos along with one-take spontaneous favourites Elvis threw into the mix.
As Elvis noted, "It don't take much to get these guys going, boy, I'll tell you…. Just give them a "well..." and they're gone. That's what I call 'Sittin' on ready".
EIN's Piers Beagley explores this new box-set to discover one of the best Elvis releases in years..
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

US CD box-set
US Vinyl
UK CD box-set
UK Vinyl
. . . .

(Book Review) 'Technicolor to Black & White' (Jean-Marie Pouzenc): The latest ‘coffee table” multi-media” (book, CD and 10” vinyl) set from Jean-Marie Pouzenc continues his history of producing fan pleasing, high quality, releases!
Focusing on Elvis’ film career in France it is a wonderfully expressive record of its subject and offers a neatly balanced package between its narrative, visual, archival and audio elements.

Elvis didn’t incarnate almost supernatural heroes, he was you and he was all of us. He played an everyday guy, an ordinary character with a job....(Jean-Marie Pouzenc)

Read EIN’s detailed review by Nigel Patterson


(Book Review, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review) From Elvis in Memphis (Eric Wolfson): The 150th volume in the popular Bloomsbury Academic 33 1/3 series of music history and criticism books is Eric Wolfson’s From Elvis in Memphis (due out on 12 November).
EIN’s Nigel Patterson recently sat down and submerged himself in what is the first (and long overdue) extensive examination of any Elvis album.
What Nigel found was a deeply considered, strongly written, and thought provoking analysis of what many regard as Elvis’ finest album.

.. "In 1968, Elvis Presley was worse than dead – he was irrelevant. After helping to establish rock and roll as a cultural force and becoming its biggest star in the 1950s, he now found himself eclipsed by the music. New artists like the Beatles and Bob Dylan blew the mid-1960’s rock landscape wide open.. Elvis, once the epitome of the young and exciting rock and roll star, had become old and stale.
From the moment that From Elvis in Memphis begins with a rock and roll Odysseus returning home after “a little while”, the album refuses to settle. Over the course of the record, people drive eight-wheel locomotives, ride in long black limousines, and soar like beautiful birds...."

Read Nigel’s detailed 3,000+ words review of From Elvis in Memphis

(Book Review, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

. . .

Jean-Marie Pouzenc Interview: Jean-Marie Pouzenc is one of Europe's most well-known identities in the Elvis fan world. He is the founder and long-time president of the celebrated Elvis My Happiness fan club and publishes one of the best Elvis magazines in the world.
Jean-Marie has also written a number of acclaimed Elvis books including his latest coffee table release, Elvis Technicolor in Black & White.
In this fascinating interview Jean-Marie Pouzenc, now 77 years old, discusses...
- How and when he became an Elvis fan
- What changes he has noticed in the Elvis world since 1956
- Elvis' popularity in France
- His new publication 'Elvis Technicolor in Black & White'
- Elvis in Paris
. . . . and much, much more

Go here - EIN's Nigel Patterson ask the questions

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

‘TTWII 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition’ FTD Book Review: FTD's most expensive set ever published, David English and Pal Granlund bring the complete background story of 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is'. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the movie's 1970 release, this ultimate collector's edition includes two hardback books, eight cds with over 450 minutes of music, including newly discovered unreleased performances.
With access to 2,000 original negatives and 35mm slides, restored and repaired, many of which have never been seen before, the book also contains items from the MGM and RCA archives including paperwork, documents, memos and recording information.
Two books, 600 pages, plus all the MGM recorded rehearsals - including 70 tracks officially unreleased.
FTD's most expensive set but with the vast majority of the rehearsals already out on bootleg, can it really be worth the US$270 plus postage. Initially Sold Out and already into its first reprint what makes it so desirable?
EIN's Piers Beagley investigates and discovers plenty .. Go here to our 6000 word review including plenty of extracts and stunning images.
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Arlo Guthrie 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You': A marvelous story for CV19 lockdown.
Folk singer Arlo Guthrie (son of legend Woody Guthrie) tells a truly wonderful life-affirming story of singing Elvis' 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You' at a European folk festival, to 30,000 folk music lovers!
He jokes about choosing a song made popular by 'The King of Folk Singers' Elvis Presley. 
Arlo Guthrie teases fellow musician Pete Seeger about him being a core "Folkie" and exactly how Elvis' music fits into the whole equation.
After all everyone knows Elvis' music and the world is a better place if you are an ELVIS fan.
Live at Wolftrap, August 8, 1993
Go here to YouTube for a life-affirming 9 minutes.
EIN HIGHLY recommended
with big THANKS to our friend James Bracken
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Amazon Deals on ELVIS Blu-rays - Beware of excessive prices at some Elvis dealers.
. . . .

'ELVIS In The 2010s' A Personal Review of the Past Decade: Rather like Elvis’s own career, each decade since Elvis’s death appears to have had a theme or identity of its own. Clearly the late 1970s were difficult for RCA as they struggled to find the right direction with which to take their posthumous releases, and so it was the 1980s that was the decade when the company slowly but surely learned how to look back at Elvis's legacy and start to make some sense of it.
The 1990s were when that reached a peak, with the decades boxed sets, and the Elvis in the 90s series, thus bringing virtually the whole catalogue back into print in a coherent way.
The 2000s were when errors of judgement at retail level started to occur (despite huge successes like Elv1s), but also when FTD came into its own and flourished.
And so what will we make of Elvis releases of the 2010s when we look back on them from the future?
Go here for EIN contributor Shane Brown's personal take on the highs and lows of Elvis product that has come our way over the last decade....
(Spotlight, Source;ShaneBrown/ElvisInformationNetwork)
One of EIN most popular recent articles - NOW UPDATED with YOUR comments - Have YOUR SAY - do you agree with Shane's comments? What were YOUR favourite releases and why?

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

Now $105 (down from $160) <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £73.00

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

Elvis LIVE Aug 23, 1969 Album Review + Elvis Concert Review 1969: ... "The atmosphere throughout the entire hotel was nail-bitingly electric! It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - Elvis' Return to Splendor LIVE in 1969 - but I'll try my best.  I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date!"
Joan Gansky was lucky because not only was she in the audience for Elvis' TV musical renaissance of the '68 NBC Special but she also saw Elvis at his most dynamic - first at his August 22nd 1969 Midnight Show and then the following night at his August 23rd Dinner Show.
Joan Gansky has written this insightful and emotional article for EIN in 2019, fifty years later, looking back at this special event from 1969 as well as providing her review of the new RCA vinyl album of the August 23rd Dinner Show.
One of EIN's most important articles we have ever published - Go here for Joan and Paul Gansky's incredible articles and exclusive photos
(Review/Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis - Made In Germany’ In-Depth Review: The new MRS 'Elvis - Made In Germany – The Complete Private Recordings’ 4CD set contains more than 3 hours of the private recordings Elvis made while off duty in Germany when he was serving as a soldier in the US army during the 1958 -1960 period and, includes rare tracks from a recently discovered tape comprising over an hour of unheard personal recordings.
The 152-page hardback book contains rare photographs and documents plus a comprehensive text provided by Gordon Minto, which discusses each of Elvis’ RCA studio (non-film) recording sessions held during 1957-58, before focusing on the private recordings he made in Germany.
The BONUS CD features the essential RCA studio masters from 1957-58.With such an expansive book, along with hours of Elvis jamming with his friends in Germany, there is plenty to discuss as well as finding out what extra material this set contains over the official releases.
Go here as EIN's Nigel Patterson & Piers Beagley provide an in-depth review of this new MRS release

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'What was Elvis searching for?' EIN Spotlight: The question is raised – but never answered – in the title of HBO’s recent absorbing, imperfect documentary 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'.
At the start it seems clear what the teenage Elvis was searching for – an escape from the oblivion of poverty in the American South. Yet his quest was cultural as well as financial.
Later Elvis read obsessively, seeking out such books as The Impersonal Life, Joseph Brenner’s guide to self-discovery and Kahil Gibran’s book of fables, The Prophet. In his copy of Gibran’s tome, Elvis jotted down the line: “A singer can sing his songs but he must have an ear to receive the song”.
So what exactly was Elvis searching for? In this fascinating EIN Spotlight respected author Paul Simpson takes a close look at this all important question which, for some reason, was basically ignored in the recent HBO documentary..

(Spotlight, Source;PaulSimpson/ElvisInformationNetwork)

The VINYL Boom: Over 7.6 million vinyl LPs were sold in the USA during the first half of 2018, a 20% increase from the previous year, while in Australia vinyl sales increased by $3 million, the same increase of 20%. In the same period CD sales however dropped by 15%.
Elvis vinyl is still selling very nicely with ‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ recently in the UK Top ten VINYL charts.
And there is plenty of Elvis Presley vinyl on offer....

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ on GOLD Vinyl: ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits was re-released by Sony Music on GOLD Vinyl on 12 October. UK's Entertainment-Focus have posted this cute review.
... What is there to say about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been said?
It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but his music continues to live on, and likely will forever. It’s actually mind-blowing to think that his music has survived for almost as long as he was alive. In 2002 Sony Music released a new greatest hits collection titled ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits, which dominated charts across the world and sold millions and millions of copies. 16 years on from its original release, ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits has been reissued on 2LP vinyl.
Taking inspiration from the album cover, the release has been pressed on gold vinyl making the whole package feel very special.
Presley was an incredibly prolific artist so getting this collection down to 31 tracks was no easy feat. It also includes the ALLC Junkie XL remix.
 What was achieved with ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits though, is a

collection that gives you all the highlights you need from The King’s career to showcase the incredible impact he had on music. The album opens with Heartbreak Hotel and there isn’t a single filler track here.
It’s actually near impossible to pick out highlights across the 2LPs because every single one of these songs is a classic.
Of course no Elvis collection would be complete without Suspicious Minds and that track is near the end of the track listing on the final side.
The release features the artwork from the original 2002 release and it’s a beautiful, high-quality gatefold. I mentioned earlier about the gold vinyl but what I’ve not commented on yet is the sound. The CD version was a little patchy given that the songs were all recorded at different times. It’s not as noticeable on the vinyl release and the quality is crystal clear. The warm crackle of vinyl adds to the overall feel too.
ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan. While he had plenty of great songs that aren’t featured here, this collection truly is the definitive one to own. There’s not a single bad song here and it’s lengthy enough to give you value for money. The whole vinyl package is fantastic and it looks as good as it sounds.
They don’t make artists like Elvis anymore and they probably never will again.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ GOLD Vinyl Double LP.

'ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits' is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan.

The Official 'A Boy From Tupelo' Vinyl album is still selling, while there are some interesting Public Domain Vinyl releases out in the UK including 'Jailhouse Rock' with 16 tracks even including 'Lonesome Cowboy'! Also the rather odd CD called 'Girls! Girls! Girls! + Loving You' with thirty tracks including Bonus tracks such as 'Is It So Strange' and even 'Good Luck Charm' out 29 October 2018 from Hoo Doo Records!





'ELVIS ON TOUR - 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' IN-Depth Review: Amiga International's long awaited LIMITED-EDITION boxset featuring 9-CD’s, all remastered, of all known recordings made for the Golden Globe Award-winning concert documentary ELVIS ON TOUR is OUT NOW. It includes the premiere of the complete rehearsal recorded in Buffalo, NY on April 5, 1972, with three previously unreleased performances.
The 13-inch boxset also includes a huge 128-page hardcover book containing detailed essays of the entire April 1972 tour with RARE AND UNPUBLISHED photographs and related memorabilia.

When considering the lack of attention paid to this concert documentary, it seems a shame that so few official releases have emerged. It is for this reason that AMIGA International presents this deluxe package to honor the excellent recordings made for the much neglected "Elvis On Tour" film.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley supplies a 5,000 word indepth review - includes stunning photos and discovers that this AMIGA 'On Tour' box-set is the BEST deluxe Elvis release since the 2012 FTD 'Boy From Tupelo'Includes plenty of example photos demonstrating the massive size of this deluxe coffee-table book.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Mindi Miller Interview with EIN: Mindi Miller was a working actress when she met Elvis in early 1975. She was interested in karate (she performed all her own movie stunts), exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.
Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April 1975.
She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his funeral.

EIN's Sanja Meegin recently caught up with Mindi Miller to talk about her close friendship with Elvis over the years.
In this fascinating interview she discusses. . .
- Her first night with Elvis
- How Elvis persuaded her to cancel her overseas movie & modelling plans
- Their mutual interest in Karate
- Graceland and meeting Lisa Marie
- Attending Elvis' funeral 
. . . and much much more...
Go here for EIN's Sanja Meegin and her intimate and detailed discussion with the delightful Mindi Miller - Now with Reader Feedback.

(Interviews, Source;SMeegin/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Official Elvis CD Box-sets at bargain prices through Amazon UK

'Marty Lacker: A Life Well-Lived' & Elvis at American Studio's Interview: It was with immense sadness that last month EIN had to report on the death of our great friend - and a true friend to Elvis - Marty Lacker. We will miss him dearly.
Marty is well-known as one of the key members of the Memphis Mafia and also co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. He was known for both his honesty and being forthright with his opinions. He was the only member of the Memphis Mafia who still watched and commented on recent Elvis News. He had no issue with holding people to account (especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy) and would regularly ask EIN to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy.
Elvis fans often ask about Marty Lacker's background, how he came to meet Elvis, as well as his involvement in the music industry outside of working for The King.
As a prelude to Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Marty Lacker and a discussion about Elvis' famous American Studio' Memphis sessions, EIN presents "Marty Lacker: a life well-lived" in which Marty tells of his life in the music industry, his friendship with Elvis along with his dislike of the over-controlling Col Parker.
Go here to learn all you need to know about Marty Lacker as well as Elvis outstanding Memphis American Sound sessions in 1969.
(Spotlight; Source,KenSharp/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Marty Lacker RIP : Sadly Marty will no longer be able to answer all your those fascinating questions, but his honesty and openess should not be forgotten.

- Chips Moman (RIP) later thoughts on Elvis
- Being a consultant on 1979 "ELVIS" movie.
- The demonstrations in Memphis this Elvis Week.
- Felton Jarvis as Elvis' Executive Album Producer.
- The Jungle Room sessions
- Elvis might have some illegitimate children
- Why did Elvis never travel to holiday in Europe,
- Is David Stanley, Holy Priest of truth, OR a liarGo here to 'ASK MARTY' to remember the great man.

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

'The World of FTD' In-Depth Review: The new deluxe book 'The World Of FTD' has been received by some lucky fans and Elvis collector Mike Lodge has provided EIN with a very detailed review - of well over 3 thousand words! The book was authored and designed by Keith Flynn with input from a large number of other Elvis specialists including EIN's Piers Beagley, EM&HM's Trevor Cajiao, Geoffrey McDonnell, Gordon Minto and many others.
It is 1,200 pages, hardbound three book set, chronicling every release by FTD.The book also features 100s of high-quality photos from the collection Erik Lorentzen
KJ Consulting are proud to publish this Box Set which weighs 8 kilos.

Unfortunately the book has not arrived in Australia yet so I have not seen the final product!
Go here to see his very detailed review - plus more new preview pages - EIN thanks Mike Lodge for the review
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - Paul Dowling EIN Interview Part Three: Paul Dowling is without doubt one of the major names in the Elvis World. He started collecting and selling Elvis vinyl over 40 years ago and has one of the world's largest Elvis Presley record collections. He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia.
With such a fascination with Elvis, Dowling not only became a big name in the early years of Elvis bootlegs but later became friends with Ernst Jorgensen and helped RCA with various official releases.
In the final part of our fascinating interview Paul Dowling discusses ....
- Dodging the FBI agents that were sent after him
- Unreleased Elvis material that still hasn’t come out
- Why does Ernst Jorgensen doubt this claims
- His BMG project 'For The First Time Ever' - what happened
- The true story of obtaining the Million Dollar Quartet tape
- His thoughts on Paul Lichter, Sean Saver, Sherif Hanna, Rex Martin
- Spending time with Alan Fortas
- Jim Curtin, newly added story 
Go here - Don’t Miss Part Three of our exclusive EIN interview - an essential read for Elvis collectors.
(Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)


'Ultimate Elvis' New Electronic Edition: Announced by Elvis sessions expert Keith Flynn for publication November 1 is the brand new concept of the 1750 page super-deluxe Elvis sessions book 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition.
This incredible three volume book will now be available as an e-book on an i-pad or android tablet.
- Created in HTML5
Fully updated e-books will open in any web browser on any operating system, so no need for separate downloads for different operating systems.
- Life-Like 'Flipping' Pages
Flip through pages as if you are reading an actual book, but also being able to zoom-in to view smaller images and captions.
- View as Double or Single pages
View as double pages on a computer or laptop etc, and single pages when viewing in portrait on an i-pad or Android tablet.
- Fully Navigational Table Of Contents
Jump back and forth to the sections of the books you want to read, instead of flipping through numerous pages to find what you want.
PRICED AT - all 3 Volumes for £60 = US$93
On sale from November 1st 2015.
Try Before You Buy - Download free zip-file containing 27 pages from Volume 1, before you decide to buy the complete set. - NOTE - These books are MASSIVE so you will need approximately 1GB of spare disc space for these three volumes, - Click HERE to Keith Flynn's 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition to try.
Go HERE to EIN's independent review of 'Ultimate Elvis'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Did Elvis Record 'Tiger Man' At Sun?: A question that has puzzled Elvis fans through the years is whether he actually recorded the song ‘Tiger Man’ during his years at SUN studios.
The basic question is why did Elvis refer to 'Tiger man' several times in concert as “The second song that I ever recorded, not too many people heard it”?
And if Elvis DID record it, then why hasn’t any reference to it at SUN or proof of its existence been found?
Elvis would first perform ‘Tiger Man’ in concert at his first 1969 Las Vegas International season and would continue playing it through the years – usually in a medley with Mystery Train - until his last performance at Saginaw on May 3 1977. He would sing it over 150 times on stage!
The thought that there might be an acetate or undiscovered tape of Elvis at SUN singing ‘Tiger Man’ is a mouth-watering concept - but is it an unlikely fantasy or strong possibility?
Go here to our detailed 'TIGER MAN' spotlight as EIN's Piers Beagley puts in the hard yards to check the facts from the fantasy .
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

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